Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vintage Pics

Mom did finded some old pikshure films and gotted it develupped. Enjoy!
I did helped install da new carputs wif Gman. I tested da soft on evry part.
Even wen we first gotted Maxim, I alredy knowed him had da best beds for shayring.
Maxim wuz not awayr of da rool dat only littul dawgs be on da cowch.

Maxim on his very furst hike trip wif us, him waz abowt 2 yeers old.
I did loved hiyking wen I was two eyed dawg. See my smiyl?
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Party on!!

I is now gonna telled you da story of my Gigi's birfday partee. Gigi had birfday and did invite all of da frends dat waz hyoman to dis partee for mahrteenys and snacked foods. Since I gets to worked on my soshulizations lots mom sed I wuz invited too. Not big dawg tho, him has party skillz dat iz a work in progress. Him does haz wut mom did call da bull in chiyna shop sindrowm during partees - dis iz ok for adult hyoman partee so he cud worked on sit-stays. Not so gud for partee wut haz little hyomans too wif da running and skreeming and wrastling cuz dat is wut big dawg does loves to joyn in wif.

We gotted to dis partee early so I cud aklimayt to da new surrowndings, getted re-akwaynted wif da cuzin dawgs, and mom cud helped Gigi prepayr. Well, da cuzin dawgs do agreed wif Maxim dat MY bed wuz bested bed in whole howse and did steeled it too!!! Even after mom did filled my bed up wif uder stuff, dey still wanted dis playce over all da soft cowches and laps.
How roode. I iz jentulman tho and letted da notty girl dawgs steeled da bed. I had more important works to do, and dis wuz be gard dawg over cuzin Jazz wut was napping liyk all teenaygur hyomans do.
Well, whiyl I taked on dis most important responsubilitee da cuzin dawgs did konspiyr agenst me and did started to steel my kibbul foods. I is gentulman and wayt until dem girls waz done eated wifout any notty mouf noyses, so mom sed dis day she wud turn blind eye to all da hyoman nommies dat wud mebbe "aksidentully" ended up in my mouf, on akownt of selubrashun tiym. Whew, I taked full advantij-thanx mom!

My fayvorit part of dis partee wuz to visut my cuzin Mimi. She is most sweetest cuzin and does loved me lots. She is da best and knowed blind dawg rools and do always telled me she is gonna picked me up and does petted me lots. Da best part waz dat since my gard dawg Maxim did stayed home she wud be my gard hyoman all nite. She gived all da littul hyomans an oreiuntashun on wut da rools was for behayving niyc to littul blind dawg, and she teeched dem how to petted me niyc and everything. She wud be gud V.E.T. someday. If she is V.E.T., I bet she is kind dat gives you lots of nommies. NOT da kind dat gived chiken pills dat maked you sleepy den steels all your rownd things wen you sleeping.

Her wanted to helped my mom trayned me rite, so mom teeched her how to give my commands. Waz hard to konsuntrayt cuz da girl cuzin dawgs was wanted to play too - but we did it pretty gud.

Dem girl cuzin dawgs finully wented to sleep-dem wuz exhawsted from be da krazy dawgs dat runs arownd liyk dem gotted katnips. Mom sed dis behayvyor from da cuzin dawgs is reezon dat in dikshonary der is notty word by wut hyomans call girl dawgs. I kan't tell you notty word, cuz I is gud dawg - you wud have to look it up by yourself kay?
Since dem did exhawsted me too, I went on dek to see if I cud get some of da winestuff dat hyomans wuz drinked, it seem to maked dem happy. Da lids waz on tho, so all I cud do was sniffed.
Dat is da partee - wuz most graytest selubrashun! I had fun tiym and hope I gets inviyted to da next one too!
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg