Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vintage Pics

Mom did finded some old pikshure films and gotted it develupped. Enjoy!
I did helped install da new carputs wif Gman. I tested da soft on evry part.
Even wen we first gotted Maxim, I alredy knowed him had da best beds for shayring.
Maxim wuz not awayr of da rool dat only littul dawgs be on da cowch.

Maxim on his very furst hike trip wif us, him waz abowt 2 yeers old.
I did loved hiyking wen I was two eyed dawg. See my smiyl?
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Party on!!

I is now gonna telled you da story of my Gigi's birfday partee. Gigi had birfday and did invite all of da frends dat waz hyoman to dis partee for mahrteenys and snacked foods. Since I gets to worked on my soshulizations lots mom sed I wuz invited too. Not big dawg tho, him has party skillz dat iz a work in progress. Him does haz wut mom did call da bull in chiyna shop sindrowm during partees - dis iz ok for adult hyoman partee so he cud worked on sit-stays. Not so gud for partee wut haz little hyomans too wif da running and skreeming and wrastling cuz dat is wut big dawg does loves to joyn in wif.

We gotted to dis partee early so I cud aklimayt to da new surrowndings, getted re-akwaynted wif da cuzin dawgs, and mom cud helped Gigi prepayr. Well, da cuzin dawgs do agreed wif Maxim dat MY bed wuz bested bed in whole howse and did steeled it too!!! Even after mom did filled my bed up wif uder stuff, dey still wanted dis playce over all da soft cowches and laps.
How roode. I iz jentulman tho and letted da notty girl dawgs steeled da bed. I had more important works to do, and dis wuz be gard dawg over cuzin Jazz wut was napping liyk all teenaygur hyomans do.
Well, whiyl I taked on dis most important responsubilitee da cuzin dawgs did konspiyr agenst me and did started to steel my kibbul foods. I is gentulman and wayt until dem girls waz done eated wifout any notty mouf noyses, so mom sed dis day she wud turn blind eye to all da hyoman nommies dat wud mebbe "aksidentully" ended up in my mouf, on akownt of selubrashun tiym. Whew, I taked full advantij-thanx mom!

My fayvorit part of dis partee wuz to visut my cuzin Mimi. She is most sweetest cuzin and does loved me lots. She is da best and knowed blind dawg rools and do always telled me she is gonna picked me up and does petted me lots. Da best part waz dat since my gard dawg Maxim did stayed home she wud be my gard hyoman all nite. She gived all da littul hyomans an oreiuntashun on wut da rools was for behayving niyc to littul blind dawg, and she teeched dem how to petted me niyc and everything. She wud be gud V.E.T. someday. If she is V.E.T., I bet she is kind dat gives you lots of nommies. NOT da kind dat gived chiken pills dat maked you sleepy den steels all your rownd things wen you sleeping.

Her wanted to helped my mom trayned me rite, so mom teeched her how to give my commands. Waz hard to konsuntrayt cuz da girl cuzin dawgs was wanted to play too - but we did it pretty gud.

Dem girl cuzin dawgs finully wented to sleep-dem wuz exhawsted from be da krazy dawgs dat runs arownd liyk dem gotted katnips. Mom sed dis behayvyor from da cuzin dawgs is reezon dat in dikshonary der is notty word by wut hyomans call girl dawgs. I kan't tell you notty word, cuz I is gud dawg - you wud have to look it up by yourself kay?
Since dem did exhawsted me too, I went on dek to see if I cud get some of da winestuff dat hyomans wuz drinked, it seem to maked dem happy. Da lids waz on tho, so all I cud do was sniffed.
Dat is da partee - wuz most graytest selubrashun! I had fun tiym and hope I gets inviyted to da next one too!
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Monday, November 30, 2009

Note from my house sitter.

Hi! This is The Mom. As Buddy told you I recently spent a week in lovely Mexico with Gman and gaggle of friends...ahhh, paradise.
It was my first time leaving the disabled dog alone, so as you can imagine I was a little nervous. Ok, I'll be honest - I freaked out!!! What if Buddy goes on a hunger strike? What if Maxim eats...well...anything (blanket, pillows, couch, TV). What if they get sick and no one notices? The stairs, too many stairs!! What if he leaves the stove on? Gasp, gasp, gasp.
The dog sitter did amazing though, the boys are happy, healthy, and a little chunkier than when we left (how many treats did they get a day, I wonder?). Buddy has learned a new trick. While we were gone I put all treats/bones/toys on the window ledge for easy access for dog sitter. Buddy will now go and stand with his nose to the wall, chirp the most pitiful little chirps, and "stare" up at the treats. Some might call this begging, I just call it adorable. Of course, we will be nipping this little trick in the bud soon. But for now I just bask in the joy that my blind dog can position himself exactly where the tasty treats are, even though there is a 4 foot upwards distance between them and him.
Our sitter was excellent, he texted me updates every day so I wouldn't worry (actually, probably so I wouldn't call him constantly - but whatever, it worked). The texts usually included some kind of "both tails are wagging" comment, which warmed my heart every time. I think the boys miss him now, we might have to arrange play dates ;)

Here is the letter from our sitter:

Hope you guys had a great time! Everything was and is fine here. I put the pillow on the stairs so Buddy wouldn't try to climb up. Buddy said he likes it better down there so he can hear more stuff. We had a loooong talk about it.

Hope the dogs seem normal, everything was cool the entire time! They ate, played, wagged and bathroomed outside the entire time. It was fun! See yall soon.

Dog Sitter

Awww! YAY! My boys get an A+! Bravo guys, I am so proud of you. And yes, Buddy, you can stay downstairs now instead of being locked in the bedroom. You earned it.
Til tomorrow-A

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm baaaack.

Hi frends! Is me, da Buddy Dawg. I is back now. Mom gotted very busee wif da work stuffs, den she wented to Meksikow and leaved me here wif da big dawg. Mom sed littul dawgs liyk me is not 'posed to use da internez wifout adult supurvishuns - so I kud not updated my bloggy. She sed her liyf is bak to normul now so I cud update lots (wif supervishuns of korse). I will haf to reed all my frends bloggy's too, cuz I haz lots of katched up works to do-mebbe dat is wut I wud does wen Gman watches dat futbol stuffs tomorrow.

So, I haz lots to telled you about all da new stuffs I is tryed to lern - but for today I wud just liyk to showed you some pikshures.... Cuz I wud getted so lownly wifout mom arownd I did cuddled my big dawg lots. He even letted me shared his bed - as you cud see him gived me da biggest part of da bed. Him sed dat I is a bed hawg - but I is not feeled liyk a hawg, I feeled nice and comfy. He gotted sik of me takin dis much of da bed and did steeled my bed insted. Did not fitted so gud, see?

Well, dat is enuf for today, sorry iz so short (liyk me!!) but I iz promise tomorrow wud be much more katched up stuff kay?

Hugs & Kisses - Buddy Dawg

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top 5 things to know before your dog goes blind...

1. Be very wary when a blind dog goes on a hunger strike. This problem is probably caused by depression. But coming up with creative ways to entice the appetite will inevitably create a monster.

My monster varies between demanding much higher quality foods than pure kibble, he has a refined pallet now.....and neurosis. There must be at least 3 and no more than 5 pieces of kibbles scattered around the bowl. Failure to comply causes secondary hunger strike.

2. If your dog is currently sighted, decide now what you want your house to look like. If you like change, redecorate weekly. Hell, if you have time redecorate daily. Trust me, they don't consult you prior to going blind-and moving anything can be disastrous. This includes placing items on your lap. Blind dogs often take a leap of faith (the couch was there, it will be there again) and land on a laptop, or worse-spaghetti.

3. Three is the new number. Multiply everything by it. If it used to take 5 minutes to do the deed outside, it will now take 15. If your walk around the block used to take 15 minutes, plan for 45. If the walk from the bedroom to the basement used to take 3 minutes....well, it's sometimes better if you just don't time it.

4. Get a thick skin. Petsmart and the likes are your best friends. Take your dog frequently to work leash skills and socialization-two very important skills.'s fun to see the faces as you randomly announce commands such as "right, left, slowly, backup, army crawl" as you walk down the aisles.

Just because your dog has no eyes doesn't mean he/she is diseased. I know that. But the designer dog moms at Petsmart doesn't realize that, and will think your dog carries leprosy or worse....the swine flu. What comes out of their mouths will astonish you, so have a list of quick-witted comebacks. .... If you don't think of a comeback until after she leaves, write it down! It will come in handy later. If you never think of a comeback, well....pie in the face might work too.

5. Don't think that you must give all pets equal attention. Not only will your arms become extremely sore from overpetting and fetching with the "normal" dog-but once your blind dog is acclimated, your sighted one will still demand constant attention, as this is the new normal for him/her. This is known as the "Love Whore" syndrome. (See photo below) LWS can be the most difficult of all to work around, as having a 75 lbs dog under foot as you do mundane tasks such as shower, brush your teeth, or do sit-ups is an extreme obstacle.

Most important things to know about owning a blind one will appreciate you more than a dog who fully trusts you to make their life better. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing your dog trusts you to make his dark world safe and fill it with light. A kiss and cuddle from a blind dog on a bad day is quite possibly the most wonderful feeling. The first time your blind dog exhibits true independence again after losing his/her sight is quite possibly more rewarding than anything else you have ever done. A blind dog will not judge you for your faults, and appreciates you overlooking theirs....they weren't aware they had faults in the first place!

Buddy's mom-A

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Hooowwwwwllloween

Mom did haz so much funs dressing da big dawg up in kostume, she gotted lots of funny pikshure liyk dis one:

So mom did sended dis next pikshure for da kostume kontest, but Daisy did used blakmayl pikshure from my bloggy insted (haha, take dat big dawg!). So here is foto of da big dawg in his kostume. Him wuz not impressed wif mom at all. But him is pashunt wif da hyoman, and is a sukker for food stuffs. Gigi sed she mite turned mom in to da propur awthoriteez for abewsing da big dawg, cuz him is much too digunifiyd to wer such silly stuffs. But Gigi did putted her dawgs in owtfits all da tiym, not jus for speshul okazun, so she shud not maked fun! I sed only call awthoriteez if dat meens I cud be only dawg and gits all da cookies, uder wize, is not worth it on akownt of big dawg. Him is just for amuzyment aneehows. So, dis is mom's fayvoryt....
Dis wuz so much amyoozing to little dawg dat I wuz ::butt wiggle:: liyk krazy. Tayk dat big dawg who did steeled all my nommies ::pfffftttt:: Den de unthinkubul did happuned. Mom torchered me too! How dayr she? I is disably dawg wif speshul priveluges, I shud not has to suffer wif dis indiginutee!!! Here is pikshure of wut da roode mom did at her torchur seshun.
As you cud playnlee see I is NOT impressy wif dis new devulpment. Gigi, you cud now call dem awthoriteez pleeze? Saved me from dis roode and unnecessary hoomilyashuns kay? I wud go to windo and lissen for da siruns now dat wud come to teech mom lessun abowt be da bad hyoman to da little dawg.
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Thursday, October 29, 2009

There is a new monster

So da snowed stuffs just keeped comin down. We gotted so much snows dat mom had to shovel me spot to be gud dawg and go owtsiyd to potty cuz it wuz hi as da big dawg's showldurs. I haz deciyd dat dis is not vunillah ise kreem wut Dennis da veezulah dawg tinks it iz. Iz akshully da sniffy monster. Da sniffy monster is very cold, haz wepun wut is snows, and do not be niyc to little blindy dawg. If you duz not beleev dat dis wepun is terribul den you must see dis:

Now dat I haz no more eyes I uses my sniffer lots to getted me wer I wants to be at. Owtsiyd is most important. I haz very strikt rowt dat i walks to go do da bizuness. Owt da door 5 paces, sharp rite den 8 paces, mark ovur wer big dawg pee at. Den go left little bit and do big job. Den sniff any stuffs dat is gud and leev some pee mayl for bad kitty wut do teez da big dawg (we iz in kahoots to mayk big dawg krazee, is working mebbe). Wen dis is done I use sniffer and finds mom agin to go back to da howse.

Well, now dat da sniffy monster iz visit he did hiyd all my smell dat I use to find mom. So I gets lost and end up in so meny weerd playses. Dis is not okay for little dawg cuz snows iz very cold and iz maked me mizerabul. Sometiym iz so deep dat my hed is hided under da snows. I is gotta find some way to git dis sniffy monster owt of my yard, cuz him iz no funs at all. Dat is all for today cuz dis dawg do needs to warmed up wif cuddles from da mom and Gman.

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-What happened to fall?

OH NO! Wut is dis stuffs???

Much bettur, tanks!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am so humiliated.

Now where's the frickin' cookie?

Friday, October 23, 2009

She's on to me...

Dis is gud gud day for da Buddy dawg. I haz not eated so gud sins da surjery, part of my depressys is dat it maked me haz no aputiyt. Mom wish dat she cud take dis simptum for her to haz cuz sownds liyk gud diyet for hyoman. Iz not gud diyet for little dawg tho. I haz aputiyt for hyoman nommies, and cud eated dis all da tiym. Dis trik did worked for long tiym, and mom feeled so bad for me not eating so much dat she wud gived me speshul hyoman nommies so I did stay strong boy. But she finully did figyur out dat I was triking her. Reely tho, if you cud eated kibbuls all da days-or eated da buffay liyk Tucker dawg do-you wud want buffay too! I waz jus sneeky in getted it from mom.
She telled me a few days ago dat I had choyses-I cud be hungery or I cud eated kibbles. No more hyoman nommies and treeted liyk baeybe dawg. For wiyl I did not beleeved her and wud not eated da kibbles. Still no hyoman nommies. I telled mom dat she wuz torchering me, to pllleeeeeeeze give da hyoman nommies. Nufin-she is one tuff kookee! Next day I did pafetic fays and sed to mom "oooh poor lil dawg, he haz no foodstuffs in his belleee. Him haz no eyes so dat meens speshul treets. Look at him be so pityfull." All she wud do is putted me in front of my kibbles and maked dem jinggly so I knowed wut was der. So, I gived up and eated dem kibbles. I do not haz so strong of da will liyk mom haz. Dis must be why she is da mom and I is da little dawg.
I haz been eated da kibbles for one tiym a day, but dis day waz furst tiym I did eated dem two tiym. Dey is not so gud as da chiyneez food dat mom eated, but dey was ok. Now I is lownging on mom's lap cuz she smell liyk da chiyneez foods. If I can't eats it I must sniffed it for long tiym. :::sniff. sniff. sniffsniff....sniffsniffsniffsniff. Sneeze! sniff. sniff:::
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Circus Dog

Sorry iz been such long tiym since I did posted. Mom did getted so buzy dat I cud not borrowed her 'puter. I is bak now. I haz finded out dat mom tinks mebbe I is lemin dawg too, liyk Gman sed. I telled her to reeded my blog to see wut I tinks bout dem lemins but she sed dis is wut it is-deel wif it.

See, why she is changed her mind bout da lemin dawg is cuz wen she wuz petted me not dat long ago she finded one lumpy under my furs. Is soft lumpy and do not hurts me. She is gonna watched dis lumpy to see if mebbe is stress from da depressy stuff, and den she telled me I mite haz to go to V.E.T. to get it looked at. Mom sed I haz two choyses, I cud haz nufin and iz go away soon, or I cud haz fatty tumor dat do not meens kansur-meens I is old. She sed I cud not haz kansur, so git dat out my hed rite now. I agrees wif her. Is not kansur. 'Sides, if I cud chooze to go to V.E.T. or not to go - obveusly eny self respekted dawg chooze no tanks rite? 'Cept mebbe big dawg, him is not so smart and wud go cuz he wud chooze enyting dat is new and haz car riyd.

On gud note, I haz aksidentully lerned new trik. I does dis trik only for da nommies dat Daisy dawg did sended us, dem is majik nommies dat maked me a woooonnnndddeeerr-dawg!! Mom sed I haz to lern new wurd for dis trik - cuz I do it rite now wen she sed "Forward Buddy" too much wifout nommies. Dis is not at all wut she wants me to do, cuz if I be sirkus dawg wen she sed forward is deefeets purpose of lerned da english. I sed wutever mom, you laffs at me and gives me nommies. Mishun akomplished.

Heer is da vidyo of sirkus dawg trik. Is not gud vidyo, sorry! Mom sed to telled you dat big dawg gotted treet too for he did da sit so gud and stopped da run for da nommies, she just din't put on vidyo.

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paw It Forward

Wow! We gotted prezent in da mayl. Dis is most eksiyting new develupmint. Dis is a Paw It Forward prezent from Daisy, she is beutiful pibble girl. Mom din't letted us open it rite away, so Maxim did garded it until she sed it wuz tiym.
Den wen it wuz open I checked to maked sure was sayf, and not trik. Is sayf, Daisy wud never triked me, she is too nice I tinks.
I looked at dis toy first but is mebbe too big for me, so is da big dawgs new toy insted.
Him loves to maked it skweeked lots, him plays tug wif mom and him do ::butt wiggle:: cuz is fun. Gman hopes dat he brake da skweeky soon tho.
I gotted oktopus toy too! Dis one makes skweeky and krinkly sownds so dat I cud heers it lots. Is reely fun. Is almost big as me, so I kin find it gud.
We gotted cookies and a card too! Dis card wuz sweet card from Daisy wif charms dat we cud putted on our kollars, dey has inishuls so "B" for me and "M" for my brudder.
Dis is most awesome day! Tanks Daisy for dis grayt day! So, now is my turn to Paw It Forward. Here iz da rools if you wants to played dis gaym!

1. Be one of the first 3 commentors on this post that says I want to play!
2. Then I will send you a “Paw it Forward package” , it can be a stuffie or a treat or anything you want to send!
3. Then you need to blog about it!
4. And send a package to the first 3 commentors on your post.

Tank you veeerrrrry much Miss Daisy and her momma for invited me to played!
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Top Chef!

Mom haz desiyded dat mebbe part of my depressy is dat wen I is downstayrs and all da hyomans is up-da-stayrs I is lonely. And since I still doesn't do up, I only does going downstayrs dat I can't git to my hyomans all da tiym dat I wants to, and dis maked me sad. So now she putted me on wutever floor of da howse she is at. She always setted me down on rug so I knows wer I starts from and doesn't git konfused wer I am at.

Dis doesn't sownd so eksiting eksept for dis one ting. Reddy? I gits to helps her cook! Wut dis meens for me tonite is dat it is awesome job. I is a tayst testur. She chop da karruts, and den I gits to eatted some karrut to maked shure dat is okay for hyoman to eatted. And she kooked da chiken and I getted to tasted piece to make sure was not sowmunilla in it. I try to tell her dat der was sowmunilla in it so dat I cud haz it all, but she din't believed it. I haz one ishu wif dis job. I is tinks mebbe dat da kooking uhven is in kahoots wif da stayr monster.

Mom maked all dis yummy yummy foods, den she stik it in da uhven and is not coming out for very long tiym. I garded da uhven to maked sure was gonna gived da hyoman nommies back. It taked forever, but evenchewally mom did pulled da nommies out. I tink dat mebbe da uhven fiyted her for dem cuz she sed notty word and den putted her hand under water. Dis worry me for little bit, but not very long cuz I had job to do-dis was watch (I mean smell) da nommies to maked sure no one eatted dem dat wuz not 'llowed.

Well, and I waz tryed to figyur out how I cud eat dem before mom founded out....but she setted dem too hi for me to make very gud attempt. Big Dawg cud have helped me, but no mattur how much I tryed to git him to put it on da floor he wud not. He insisted dat gud big dawg duz not go in kichen, and definitely duz not eats nommies off da kownter. We wud haz to work on dis more, I cud benefit much biggur if he wud do dis kownter eats and sweeps. One tiym in trubbel is worth it, mebbe not for hims but for shore for me it wud be.

I doesn't knowed why he akts so hi and miyty cuz he duz stuffs dat he is not allowed, look wer mom katched him! He is not allowed to be heer cuz dis is hyoman cowch. He duz not looked remorseful tho.

If he is gonna be notty dawg he cud at least does it wif da nommies so I cud haz some too.

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy trumps, every time.

So, I haz wut mom calls springed in my steps. Dis don't maked so much sense to me cuz I doesn't has no springs, I has legs and dat is it. But she sed I haz it. I waked up dis morning and thinked, "wow-I is thurstee". So I went and gotted a drink. Den, befor no one cud sed nuthin I zoomed down da stayrs. I wented so fast mom sed I wuz almost invizabul. If I wuz invisabul I cud have mayd it all da way to da kichin for da hyoman nommies, but I wuz not - so I only did maked it to da cowch.

Den me and da big dawg wented owtsiyd to played. We played my favoryt game, dis is called "I peed last, neener neener". Dis is boy dawg bestest thing to do owtsiyd. So, Maxim gotted to goed first and he got da fense. I did not seed him goed (obveusly), but I heered and sniffed it. So I zoomed over (ok, I walked, but it wuz fast!) and goed too-only I din't see da fens so I goed on da leeves. I wuz so prowd I walked away wif hed high! Den wut do I heer?? Big Dawg did it agin. So I zoomed over and did it too. Well, sinse him is so much biggur den me dis gaym can't be abowt kwantitee, so we plays wif just whoever goed last winned. But wuz sad cuz mom din't let us go til der was winner. She maked us come in house - so we has game on paws, eberywon knows dat i will winned tho. I is bestest at dis game cuz my sniffer is in hi geer from being blindy.
Hey, wut is dis?

I dunno, sniff is gud. I is gonna biyt it!

Mom did also getted us new treets. Dis is da new bones. Miyn is piggy skin wif duck skins wrapped arownd of it. Is not helthy treet, but wen you is sick den helthy is not so big deel as happy. 'Sides, be honest - does you eeted da chokolat for da helthy? How about wen you drinks da alkohols? See?! Happy trumped da helthy. At leest dis is wut mom keeped telling to herself wen she gived it to me.

ZOMG!!! Must shuv whole fayc insiyd dis rite now. Nom Nom Nom!!

Mom, cud I sleeped wif miyn tonite?

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Learning New Languages

I haz new fayvorit ting. Wen I was seeing dawg i sleeped by mom & Gman's feets & I keeped dem warm all nite. I protekted dem feets from all da monsters up hi, and da big dawg protekted dem from all da floor monsters. Maxim Dawg still haz to sleeped on da floor, but now dat I doesn't has eyes I haz fownd bettur spot to sleeped at. Dis is rite on mom's pilloh. I tucks my fayce under her fayce so dat I cud feeled her breeth all nite long. Dis makes me not ankshus and I cud sleeped da hole nite liyk dis way, cuz I knowed where mom is and dat she is protekting me. Mom sed is not komfurtabul even lil bit, dat she gits Buddy hairs in her mouf and I is suffocayting her sometyms. Gman sed I hogs da bed more den my 6 lbs shud be allowed. But dey lets me does it aneeway, cuz rite now I needs to be not ankshus. Man, dis gettin' wut you wants gig is reely workin out for me!!

Mom sed I is reely gud at knowed where to goes now. I desiyd dat mebbe cats are smart abowt wiskurs. So I uses my wiskurs liyk cat does. I walk wif my nose kinda up hi, den wen my wiskurs feels sometin, I slowed down and sniffs harder. I doesn't play ping-pong-Buddy down da house so much aneemor. Dat is reely gud, cuz ping-pong-Buddy is not fun game! Even if da big dawg laffs....wich I mite add is roode, he shud not laffs at me!

I has vidyo to show you! Is not sooper eksiyting, cuz I doesn't dance liyk smart Honey Dawg-and I doesn't fite chikens liyk brayv Dennis Dawg. But, I does knowed walking triks! Now, I has been walking since I was baebe dawg, so why wud I need triks for dis? Well, mom sed she wud helped me see stuff so I knowed where to goes and not gits hurt in new sichewashuns. But for her to helped me dis way, I has to knowed english langwage. So mostly, I is not lerning to walks-I is lerning english!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

You probably don't want to read this.

I'm serious. This is Buddy's mom writing. He is eating (finally-which is now an every other day occurance) and I am hijacking his blog. So if you came for funny stories about how I finally figured out the reason he won't eat his kong is that I accidentally bought plain yogurt instead of vanilla, and it's sour and not appetizing-or the only reason I figured this out is that I finally tasted it....from the kong. Stop reading. Seriously. I need to vent and this is where I am doing it.
I am doing it here, because if I say any of this to anyone else I will get that knowing look. You know the one. The one that says "I knew you bit off more than you could chew." "It's just a dog, let it go." That look. I am doing it here, so that when I am done I can put on my brave face and tell the world I am conquering this mountain, and all that silver lining, rainbows, red roses crap. So, I warned you. Stop reading. Buddy will be back tomorrow -and I am sure he will make fun of me in some hilarious fashion, because as you all know he is much smarter than me. And while he indulges me, he also mocks. In his sweet 6lbs way.
I don't know what I am doing. I am freaking out. Freaking. out. Did I do the right thing? It took him forever to recover from his last surgery. He was timid and clingy and not at all the terror we knew. We had resigned ourselves to the fact that he might have become a lapdog, and that was fine. Then, this summer. Wow this summer. He was back!! With his zoomies, and stealing his brother's bones, and attacking the sheets. The crazy was back, and it was awesome. And the timing sucked. Because almost immediately, his last eye blew.
And I agonized over it. But I never doubted that he needed this surgery, and he would get this surgery, and he would be fine. Only he's not fine. Not even in the same county as fine. He is so depressed and I don't know what to do. I am his mom, I should fix it right? Only I can't. I try so hard, and my husband tries. My husband who indulges my love of dogs, but also thinks I might be a little crazy, tries. He actually has full blown conversations with the dog now. Crazy right? So not like him, but he tries for me, and for Buddy, and for him-because he loves him. And Maxim has given Buddy his toys, so he is trying too. God, it feels like we are all trying except Buddy. Only we can't make him try because lets face it, you can't make a terrier do anything.
So he lays around....all darn day. The dog that used to refuse to be in a room alone will lay on the couch for hours, even when you cook. Even when it's steak. C'mon steak?? Get off the couch for steak, man!
Last night he sneezed and it must have hurt like the dickens because I have NEVER heard him scream like that. Imagine stepping on a chihuahua, then magnify by 10 and make it last for hours (ok, it wasn't hours, a minute maybe. But for me, eternity.) And I can't fix it. I don't know what I am doing, and I don't think I am good enough for this poor sweet boy who only wants to give kisses and smell flowers. Only now he doesn't even give kisses. Not even if you stick your face right in front of his nose. Not even if you JUST ate peanut butter.
I am not a dog trainer. I am not a dog whisperer. I am not even a graduate of obedience classes. I am just a dog lover trying to do the best thing for my boys. Only I cannot figure out the best thing. I am soooo scared that I am putting him through hell, and he doesn't understand why. And he hates me for it. The vets, the specialists, the internet all said dogs recover quickly. They don't need sight, they adjust fast. People sometimes don't even know their dog is blind. Liars. Big fat dirty liars. My dog knows....and he is pissed!
Basically that's it. I feel like a failure, I feel like Buddy gave up. Only he can't give up. Because I said so.
Anyway, if you read this sorry. But I warned you.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Awards to Give!

I gotted two awards for being gud dawg!
Dis first wuz from my frend Boots cuz I is a Top Dawg:
Da rools is you pass dis one to more top dawgs. So I is gonna gived it to Tucker, cuz he tried to be da top dawg wen he was getted on top of da chayr for da hooman nommies. Clicked his naym for da cool vidyo.

Dis next was from Daisy, she sed is just award to maked you feel gud!
I wud liyk to gived dis award to Dixie, cuz she is sooper smart dawg and such gud helper for her mom. I wud liyk to give dis one to Dubby too, who is Dozer's foster brudder. He wuz cutest bee-dawg in da world!

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wut is goin on? Is only Oktobur, is tiym for da leeves to falled from trees. Dis is my favoryt cuz der is so many new smells and stuffs dat me and big dawg cud peed on. If you jus stands still, new stuffs will majikally appeer in fronts of you. But da wether man he did skipped da fall. Is snowing outsiyd. I doesn't liked da snow, wen you is little liyk me you gets lost in da snow and your hyoman has to finded you. I hopes dis one don't lasts too long!
Maxim tryed to attak da snows to make it goed away, but no matter how many he bited at - it just keeped comin down. He needs to praktise dis trik more and not so much on da ones mom does, dis is much more usefull if you asks me.
Dis is all for today, cuz I is still battle da depressys and mom sed me to go snuggled her insted of played on compooter. We is hoping dat tomorrow I wud have fun vidyo to showed you of my new triks wich is Forward and Left. Is getting much better, not perfect yet - but gud enuf dat I gets da nommies!

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What's in a Lapdog?

So, is true! Da kan't-a-lope is da bestest nommie in da world and makes me smartr too! Mom is letting me eatted it insted of nommies wen we works on my new tricks, and it made my brain be bigger I tinks. Today I figyur out dat "Buddy, Forward" reely meens dat I don't has to sit anymores. So I standed up and walks to da voice dat I heer. Den I gets kan't-a-lopes. (Couple tries I bited at treet before mom gived it to me. She sed I is luckee dat I can't seed da treet so missed her fingers. I have strong suspishun she is rite!) Holy, cow dis is awesome! All I has to do is walked to mom to get dis grayt nommy treet? Why does it taked me so long to lerned dis?

Wutever you do, don't tell da big dawg. He still don't knowed dis new and amayzing treet-gitter trick. So he has to do uder stuff like "Touch It, Stand Up, Sit Down, blah blah". His nommy is much harder to getted. But to be fayr, he has two eyes - and I has none. Tho, mom sed is no exkuse. I still has to do all on my own like uder dawgs, darn dat independanse ting. Is sooo over-rayted!

Mom is skayred dat I is getting lil depressy. My wurld is kinda skary now and so I doesn't try to do dat much. I doesn't played wif her no more. Not even wen she putted me under da blankit so I cud preetend to be da bad blankit monster and attaks all da stuffs outsiyd da blanky, dat use to be my favoryt one. She even gived me freezed kong wif da peenut butter, nanas, and go-gurt. I eated da peenut butter, and leaved da rest so I cud go layed on my blue blankie. Wut self respekting dawg leeves nommies, 'speshully in da frozed kong? So, now she is workin' hard to finded stuff dat i luvs so dat I can not be depressy and napped all da tiym on da blu blanky.

Problem is, I just wanna be lap dawg. I read on innernet dat der is lotsa dawgs dat all dey does is be lap dawgs, and dey is even bigger den me. Mom has uder plans tho, she sed I is terrier. Terrier is not lap dawg, terrier is dawg dat is krazy dawg. Sumone needs to konvins her I is not terrier, mebbe I is yeorky? cheewawa?? Or pooodul?? Dem is lap dawgs rite? Mebbe I is doburmin like Maxim da big dawg? He is most lap dawg I ever did meet. I is gonna go now and find kostume dat makes mom tink I is a dawg dat is allowd to be lap dawg. Den mebbe she wud let me just lye arouwnd all da tiym.

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Crate Escape

Today V.E.T. gived me cleen bill of helth! He sed I is doing grayt and dat I is gud waiyt rite now and eberyting. Only bad on me is da teef. But mom sed she is too skared dat i wud git depressy if I has to has more stuffs dun to me wifout my permishun. So we is gonna kleened my teef later. Dat meens dat I doesn't has to go back to dem for a long time ::butt wiggle:: ::butt wiggle::.

Da V.E.T. did telled me too dat he is surpriyzed how sweet I still is to him. Dat wif all da bad stuff dat happen in da past yer (3 majer surjery) and how dey always gives me shots and owies dat he tinks I has ekscuse to be little bit grumpy wif him. He don't knows my mom dat well apparently. Mom don't put up wif grumpy. We is told we has to be gud dawgs to hyomans, dat no matters wut da hyoman is helping and to letted dem do dat and den dey wud give us nommies for it. She is always rite too.

Today I wented to da studio agin wif mom so she cud teeched da dancing. I was in much better mood now dat my eye-spot din't hurted and I wasn't takin da chiken pills dat makes you dizzy. I spended lots of tiym meeting new little hyomans and even some big ones too! Little hyomans is so tiyring. Dey has all da kweshtuns all da time, and dey wants to petted me soo much, and den dey tink it so funny to throw ball cuz I doesn't see wer it goes. I had funs for long tiym, but wen I gotted too tiyred of being gud ambassahdur to disably dawgs, I found a sekrit hiyding spot. My fur-cuzins has a crayt at da studio. I hasn't been in crayt since I was baebe cuz I gotted to earned my indipendans. Well, dis crayt was perfect spot! I wuz not too prowd to goed in it and hiyd. No little hyomans cud seed me and so I take long nappy. Dis is hevin spot at studio I tinks.

Mom sed soshilizashun is very important now so dat I doesn't forgit wut is liyk to meeted new hyomans and new dawgs. I does so gud at it now, so mom doesn't want dat gud dawg skill to git rusty. I sed she shud just git some oil and wen it looks rusty, den just puted in some oil and is all better. She sed not da saym rusty at all....I sed, mom dis is why dawgs doesn't has so many wurds - gets too konfuzy!! So I is gonna goes to da studio once in a while for now on, to keep up my mad skillz of soshilizashun.

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Holy Cow. Heaven in My Mouth.

I has found da most amazying ting in da wurld. Dis is a hyoman nommy dat is named kant-a-lope. Well, it has can't in da name so I was tinkin mebbe I's not s'pose to eated it. But den it falled on da floor and I knowed it had to be mine. I putted on my zoomy zoomy and raced to da spot wer it did falled. I was faster den da mom, even wif her two eyes. I gotted it and snached it rite up into my mouf and da flayvor wuz liyk hevin. I din't reely git chanse to chewed it, cuz if I taked my tiym I knowed dat mom wud try to git it back. So, like seel eating fish I did ::gulp:: and down da hatch it goed. ZOMG dis is bestest nommy ever. Fergit da kibble, is not gud enuf for me now. I is striktly kant-a-lope dawgy from now on. to konvinse da hyomans of dis??

More please :)

At first wen I grabbed da kant-a-lope mom kinda was scared. She din't know if I cud have dis foody or if it wud maked me sick. But she sed is ok, I can has dis kind. And, cuz she sawed how much I loved it. She sed sometymes she wud use dis treat to trained me - so dat I cud getted more. Mebbe know I cud chewed it lil bit and sayvor da flayvor. I bet if she gived me dis nommy I wud do "Forward" liyk champyon. We will seed tomorrow!!

Kisses & Snuggles - Buddy Dawg

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mom is Definitely Not A Genius

So, mom spended lots of time wen I wuz baebe dawg techin me to has manners. One of dis manners was to sit pretty until I is gived da nommies. Never never tried to take da nommies from da hand, dat is not nice. But now she did switched da rooles, and I is konfuzed. Mom gotted a book to helped her teech me to be gud blind dawg. So, now she tinks dat she is jeenus or sometin' but reely she is just makin my hed spinned.

She holds da treet rite in fronts of my nose so dat I cud smelled da nommy gudness of da jerky dat Cookie made me, so I is tinkin ok cool! I gets nommies!! Den I does "Go Go Gatjit Buddy" and stretches my neck to get dis jerky. Well, mom don't gives me it. She goes more far away and sayed "Forward Buddy". So wut is a gud dawg to do? Wen I had da eyes I wuz s'pose to sit pretty and waited until she gives it to me. Now, I tink mebbe I has it figyered out. I is s'pose to stretches longer to getted da treet. But she just keeps movin it away. So I does ::butt scoot:: ::butt scoot:: to get better angul at nommies-but I stay sittin' liyk gud dawg. I tink mebbe she wanted me to walk some to da treet cuz she sed "Forward Buddy, get off your butt and walk some." But dat is not wut gud dawg does, cuz gud dawg does not snatched da nommies from da hyoman.

So, mom sed we is at road block. I tink it is becuz she wants me to be bad dawg to get da nommies. I sed to mom, why did I spend so much baeybe time lerning all dis manners if now I doesn't has to used dem?? Woman, you are makin' me cuh-razy. So, we is gonna has to figyur dis out soon, I is tinkin. Mom seemed little frustrayty, but I knowed dat she is not frustrayty at me. She is frustrayty wif her for not speekin' gud dawg langwage to maked me knowed wut she wants. So I gived her Buddy kisses, and I tinks dat helped.

After we hitted dis road block and cud not do no more - mom treeted me to a walk. Dis was a walk outsiyd on da leesh. At first it was kinna skeery. Der was so many smell dat I cud not rekognize, and den da siydwalk wud goed up and down and sometyme I wud falled off. But after a lil while - I decide dat even as blind dawg, walks are still da bestest ever. I did ::butt wiggle:: ::butt wiggle:: to letted mom knowed how much I was sayin tanks for da walk. And she letted me goed sooper slow so I cud sniffed all da gud sniffy stuff.

Now, I is exhawsted. Maxim da Big Dawg is being annoying cuz mom maded him new toy - so I is gonna finds my blue blankie and taked a nap.

Kisses & snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Independence is Over-rated

So I din't knowed dis but der is akshully TWO stair monsters. One dat gits you on da way ups, and one dat gits you da way downs. Da way ups one is da strongest of dem and he is so skary dat I doesn't goed neer hims anymore. But, I Buddy da Grayt Whiyt Huntr has banish da down stair monster to Catdom. Sory to all da cats dat mite reeded dis, but you has da claus - you shud be fine.

Mom tink dat mebbe wen I did stairs wif Gman home it was just cuz he forgetted me for so long in da office dat I was force to maked my presenz knowed. Well, dat and cuz mebbe I wud git hyoman nommies (still bitter).

So she was sneeky wif me. She putted me upstairs, den went and filled my food bowl wif kibbles, and din't come back to gets me. I cried lil bit and did my eyes so pittyful but she din't fall for nufin. So I had to goed down, I did it like dogs dat has eyes-dat how gud I am. Here is video of my grayt defeet of da monster.

Dis vidyo may seemed like nufin much, but dis is hyug step for me to be tuff dawg dat don't needs mom all da time. I is workin on somfin called indipendans. No idea wut dat word meens, but I haf a feelin I wud like about da same as growin da karakture, wich is not dat much.

Now let's tak about how mom keeps sayin "look" in da vidyo. Reely mom? Look at my fays. Look, do you see dem peepers? Nope, you see dem eye-spots. I don't has peepers so I doesn't look at nufin, woman!! I smells, and I feels, and I heers you. I tink you needs to konsidur revyzing da langwage wif me.

Kisses & snuggles - Buddy Dawg

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Look Buddy, I found a worm for ya! Wait, it's a stick. Nevermind, MINE!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keep a Close Eye On the Rug

So mom wented to da dance studio yesterday and leaved me at home. I was tinkin dis was grayt idea until she showed me where I had to stayed at.

I used to had da whole howse to myself and cud goes anywere dat I want. I had dis speshul privuhlig cuz I is sooper gud dawg and never goes potty in da house. I had to worked lots of yers to earned dis privuhlig. Now dat I has only eye-spots and no eyes I has to goed in da hyomna bafroom when dey leaved. I doesn't go potty in da house still, and has no aksident - even when I was eating da chiken pills dat makes you dizzy, dunno why I is getting punish. Mom sed is for my own gud. ::growly:: ::growly:: I doesn't lyked dis new rool so I letted her knowed. I cried lots and made my skwiril sownds but she doesn't saved me so der I stayed. I was still gud dawg so I didn't pottied anywere - but I was tinkin to mebbe go on her new rug, just to prooved my poynt.

I has some exciting news stuffs too. I, Buddy Dawg da grayt whiyt huntr has defeeted da stair monster. He is still skary and somtymes gits me, but yesterday I winned! Mom wuz at works and Gman was home wif me. He leaved me in da office spot upstairs so dat he cud go in da kitchen. If you is dawg den you knowed dat da kitchen is where all da hyoman foods falls on da floors and you get reely gud nommies dat you won't git if you isn't rite under da feets.

I wud not let such a grayt oppertoonity passed me by. I comed down da stairs wifout even tinkin bout it. Gman sed my tekneek were flawdless, I did so gud. Sad thing, I still did not get hyoman nommies so my efforts was waysted. If dat is how dey is gonna play, I will just make sure dat mom carries me from now on. I was so sad dat i din't git da hyoman nommies dat I wented outside and eat da grasses insted. Dat was pretty gud too, wud be better if der was wormies.

Kisses and snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Monday, September 28, 2009

5 Little Things

Princess da beeeeutiful pitty girl tagged me in a game to play. She sed it is 5 Little Things That Make Me Happy. I din't play da game rite away cuz I wasn't feelin dat gud when she tagged me. But now I is feelin like da king agin, so I is redy to play. Da Big Dawg wus not tagged but cuz we is workin on da shayring thing - he is gonna played too.

Dis is list for me:
1. I is soo happee when da gramma and grampa comes to visit. Dey gives me extra snuggles and hugs and is so fun.

2. My favorytist in da whole world is da blue blankee. I gets to takes it eberywere I goes and I doesn't has to shayr wif da big dawg if I doesn't wanna.

3. I loves to sniffs da yard. I is so happee if I can finds a wormy or spider to rolls on. Dat is doggee hevin!!

4. Mom sed no matters wut is important to stop and sniffs da flowers. Dis pikshure is wen I still had da eye, but eben wif no eyes I still luvs to sniff da flowers. Da ones dat leeve da yellow stuffs on yer nose is da best! Wen we goes campin' mom just letted me sniffs da flowers all da tyme and da big dawg goes swimmin. I gets da better deal.

5. Da big dawg and me both is thinking dat we is mostest happy when da cuzins come visit. We make dawgy piyl for nappy time and all get to cuddled!! (See, even in da dawgy piyl my blue blankee gets to come.)

Dis list is for Maxim:

1. Dis one we is shayring - him is same as me on #5.

2. Him has a favoryte and dat is snak time. If he gets treets for doin wut mom sed den he smiles big like dis one.

3. Him tinks dat fall is da best time of year cuz he gets to layed in da leeves and pee on lots of new things. He watches da whole neyborhud to make sure dat everyone has ekual oppertoonity to has pee in da yard. Mom doesn't be happy wif dis one, but is not about her.

4. Him is so happee when he gets to go to da hyking wif Gman. Dis is only for da big boys. I doesn't git to go and mom doesn't neether, so dey does big boy things. He comes home wif scratches sometymes but dat is ok he said, is totally worth it.

5. Him luvs storee tyme wif da cuzins. Dey reed him da buks and he lerns new stuffs. Dis was skary buk so he had to cuddle reel close.

Ok, now I is singin da song "Don't worry be happy" cuz dis list maded us both happy to rited it. I doesn't knowed dat many friends wif da bloggies, so I tags everyone who has not played dis game yet. Have funs!! We is gonna go outside now so I can find some wormies and da big dawg can pee on things.
Kisses and snuggles - Buddy Dawg