Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Training Session

Mom!!!  Do I smelled da treets?  YESSSSS!!!  Mmmmm me me me me!  Happy happy dawg!

Wayt jus wun mihnut, you wants me to WHAT?!  for da treet?  Jumped you say?  For da littul treet wut only last a mihnut?  PFFFFTTTT no way!  ::Growly Growly::, gimme da treets hyoman!

Ok wayt, mebbe don't putted dem away.  We kin komprimys?  No jumped for you, but I kin do grayt impursunashuns.....watch dis....I is germun shortlegged pointer dawg who pointed at da treets!

No?  Still nuffin?  Ok, mebbe dis....I is minachur wolf dawg who do howul at da treets!  AAAAOOOOOOO!!!
NO? Not gud enuf?  Laydee I iz not gunna jump.  Mite as well jus gimme dem treets wut is in yer hand.  I iz most stubern dawg and I refyoos.  Won't....chaynge...miynd....
Wayt!  Did I jus heer da big dawg eated some treet?  You gif dat big dawg treet?!  Hey big dawg - I wuz thinkin' we wuz teem!  You 'posed to gotted my bak!  Why you doin' dem triks for her?  Well, PFFFFT on you mistur!!!  FRENDS OFF!!

Mebbe I just runs away from heer- dis iz most unfayr just for da jumps.  I iz bliynd, dis is reezun I gets wutever I wants.  I turns my bak on all of yous.
One second passes.
Two seconds pass.
Three seconds pass.

Mom?  Hey mom!!  I do still loves you da mostest kay?  You kin putted da kamera away and cuddled me now? 

Kisses & Snuggles,
Buddy Dawg

Note from mom:  I did put the camera away and we did cuddle.  Alas, still no jumps.  You may think this story is slightly exaggerated for the blog.  I assure you, this is almost exactly how our training session occurred.  That is one damn stubborn little dog. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring means gardening!

Today mom did not goed owt of town for her workstuffs wut she ushewally do, so we did goed owtsiyd and garduned.  Mom iz most amayzing wif wut her can growed.  She sed she wud liyked to only growed her lillees and her tewlips, but her is bettur den wut she reeliyz.  Her also do growed menee difurent kind of sniffy stuffs wut she call weeds.  My mom iz most amayzing wif da green thumb!

Her is most niycest person too, for her do go pik da niycest biggest weed and den her makes flower bohkay for da garbuj man.  She raps dem in niyc big black plahstik wud dem do not git brokened or stealed befor da garbuj man do getted dem.  I tink mebbe she do liyk garbuj man for she give him big prezunt liyk dat lots.  Wen her is mayked da weed bohkay I git to played wif her in da planted stuffs.  I plays Jorj of Jungel and hunts for da wormies.  Iz too early in spring tiym for wormies, but I iz eksersiyzing my sniffer so wen dem do come owt I kin be reddy.  Dis iz pikshur of grayt wormy hunt!!

And, I wud liyk to reeminded you all wun part, wut is...... Do not forgetted to stop and sniff da flowers!!
Kisses & Snuggles,
Buddy Dawg

Pee Ess:  Jump over to da kontest bloggy for "All Hopped Up" to meeted your newest judge!!! 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It appears I have made lots of new friends!

Wow, I haz lotsa new frends since I did beeted da grayt depreshun.  Menny of dem do wonders why I iz a blindy dawg and ask my mom dat kweshtyun lots in da emayls.   I haz jenetik kondishun wut wuz called subblocksing lenzes (subbloxing lenses).  Dis do meen dat wut part of my eyespot wut did had job to maked da pikshures rite siyd up, dat part did braked loose of it leesh and run wildin my eyeballs.  It akt lots liyk big dawg and krash into walls and stuffs dat wud hurted me. Wuz most paynfull and not niyc, so da V.E.T. did fix me. 

I start dis blog cuz I wuz reely try to maked my meemaw feeled so bad cuz I was pitty-full dat she wud maked me "blind dawg" shirt.  I wud liyk to ware somefin liyk dis wen we go to playses for soshulizashun (liyk da studio or da PetSmart).  You cud called it muhnipulashun wut I try to do wif her, but since did not work - iz bettur if you ignores dat trayt in me. 

I never did getted my shirt wut say "blind dawg", and I iz littul sad abowt dat. Mom do think it wud help edjukayt peeple who want to just pick up coote littul dawg wifout propur introdukshiuns.  Maxim da big dawg sed mebbe we cud git a "Dog For The Blind" shirt and just ware it bakwurds.  Mom sed no.  /////partee pooper////

So, I haz been blindy for abowt 7 months now - but I wuz one-eyed wonder dawg befor dat too.  If you wants to reed da begin part of dis juhrney - you cud go here kay?  http://buddydawg.blogspot.com/2009/09/wow-i-is-so-tecknologikallee-advanced.html#comments

Kisses & Snuggles,
Buddy Dawg.

Pee Ess.  We haz 2 doggies All Hopped Up!  Go check 'em out!!  And soon we wud haf new judj telled you abowt theyself too - so stay tooned :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Introducing Judge #1

Hi! I doesn't haz much to sed today - seeing as how da mom did most awful trik to me. She letted me haf grayt kontest so mebbe I wud git mowtivashun to do jump trik. Den she wented and maked big dawg a judj for kontest. Now him won't shutted up 'bout how him is soooo machur and trustwurfy. Him hogged 'puter all nite reeserching wut jumping iz (him doesn't reely know how to do dis yet, dowberman dawg was made for cuddle not jump).

Him is introwduse himself on All Hopped Up kontest bloggy if you wanted to lern abowt how cool him iz, not at all reelly though. If him keeps dis up I mite haf to showed you pikshure of hims fayvorite blankut wut is girl blanket cuz it's pink. Jus' to maked shore him do not git too full of himselfs and stuff.

Okay, haf fun!

Kisses & Snuggles,
Buddy Dawg

Monday, April 5, 2010

All Hopped Up Contest - join us!

As you knowed, I is a terrier dawg. Us terrier dawgs is most faymus for da jump skills we haz. We jumps lots, for nommies, for to make hyomans laff, for to git skwirrils or some other yummy littul furry things, for being bored, more and more and more.

Since dis grayt depreshun I does not jumped no more. Some of it wud be cuz I doesn't see where my feets land at, some of it wud be cuz I din't want to haz any funstuffs. Now dat I iz done wif da grayt depreshun I iz a jump masheen!! If I smells da nommies wut mom gif us I git so eksiyted I jumps and jumps and flips and jumps.

Sownd grayt rite? WRONG! Mom sed now dat I iz do a trik myself she want to give it a word so dat I wud do it wen she wanted me to. I doesn't know why she takes all my funstuffs and makes dem work stuffs. Wen I asked her she sed it were to growed and eksersiyz my brainspot. I iz haf da hardest tiym mayking mom unnerstand dat I liyks lazee brainspot, and my hed is much too littul for more brain - all dis eksersiyz is shore to maked my hed explowd!!!! Until she gits it, i wud be happee to just jumped up for da treets and nommies all day, iz a gud trayd reely.

So, my grayt bloggy frends - I wud now inviyt you to haz kontest wif me! Dis is da "All Hopped Up" kontest. My gowl is to lerned to jump wif a word by end of kontest, and if you enters kontest you can be inspurashun for me too, kay?
Mom's Rools for All Hopped Up:

1) Post a picture of your pet's best jump skills on your blog (they can be naughty, sporty, silly, teamwork, anything you like. With enough entries we will split and have separate divisions). Our deadline for Buddy to learn his new trick, and for you to have your contest entries in is April 30. :)

2) Leave Buddy a comment on his blog saying you have a picture for the contest and link your blog, we will copy the picture and make sure everyone gets to see it.

3) Buddy will post the winners on his blog soon after the deadline, and hopefully reveal his jump on command via video too! Top prize is a donation to our favorite rescue Hearts United for Animals , we will be requesting funds be used for other blind dogs (unless the winner requests differently.) We will also send a small prize package to the winners house.
Ok, git jumpin frends!!!
Kisses & Snuggles,
Buddy Dawg

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Great Depression

Sorry I iz been goned so much. I did had wut mom call "Da Grayt Duhpreshun". Wut wuz so grayt abowt it, I still doesn't knowed. After da vet taked my eye owt and my chiken pills (wut makes da littul dawg happy) wuz gone, den I desiyd dat being blind dawg wuz not gud idea. In fact, it kwite stunk. So i was sad and din't wanted to do dat much.

Mom say during dis Grayt Duhpreshun I doesn't haf to do my trayning and I kin just akklimayt to da new sichuashun. If you never heer word "akklimayt" before lemme tell you. Dis word meen dat you spend lots of tiym just doin' da fayvorit stuff wut you liyk to do, snuggle da hyomans, and most best thing....you doesn't haf to fiyt da stayr monster ever cuz da hyoman does carry you insted. It taked me a long long time (I swear I wuz not a fayker just for da free riyds), and mom did getted skared dat mebbe she make wrong choise to haf surjery - dat mebbe I wud never be happy dawg agin. She did gived herself lots of new gray hairs on akkownt of me and dis duhpreshun - we iz almost twins!

But den I proof her wrong! I iz very happy agin now, and I even try to play wif da big dawg! I did play bow and barkity-growlity liyk suppose to, but den he slap his feets down too. Dis wuz such big sownd dat it skare me lots and I changed my mind. I wud keep trying and mebbe next tiym we kin work it owt.

To selubrayt my new owtlook on liyf mom did getted new camara - so look for many pikshure storees as we lerned our new triks agin :)

Til next time

Kisses & Snuggles,
Buddy Dawg