Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Story in Six Words

To honor Lassie , her mom summed up her life in 6 beautiful words. I stole this idea from some internet friends and did it with my boys too!

Buddy: Love is blind. Can we cuddle?!

Maxim: You picked me? I picked YOU!!!
Now your turn! In the comments, tell me your furry friend's life story in 6 words. For extra fun, try to sum up Buddy too :)
The mom.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(ALMOST) Wordless Wednesday

Mom is bak! Her went to Boysee for working and leaved me for won hole week - me and da big dawg and da Gman did haz boy only partee all da tiym, wuz grayt! But we iz glad her iz bak cuz she is all of us fayvorit.

Heer is my wurdless Wenzdae vidyo - iz my new trik! Mom sed dat I iz spose to telled you dat her knows to only say da trik wurd won tiym and not reepeet lots. Da ishu is dat sins I kant see my reeward wut iz nommies, or my reeward wut iz happee hyoman- dat I haz short attenshun span. So she keeps me fokus by talked lots and maked sure I 'members I haz a task to do. Her does not do dis wif big dawg who can look at her to fokus :) So, even tho we knowed dis is "wrong" trayning dawgy trik to reepeet kommands- we iz bended da rools an akowt of da blindees. Mebbe someday I wud not need dis for fokus-mebbe I wud need it for always. We wud see :)

(We hope dat next Wenzdae vidyo I kin do dis trik wifout box in my way, kross yer paws kay?!!)

Pee Ess: It seem dat I iz haved some trubel getting da vidyo to play. Heer is link to watch if you kan't see it on da bloggy!!

Kisses & Snuggles - Buddy Dawg

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Chicken Pills

I haz da not such gud newz for my bloggy frends. Mom taked me bak to da V.E.T. See, my eyespot wuz hurted me and I did skratched it lots. Mom gived me tiym cuz she tinks mebbe I skratch cuz I wuz wunder where da eye did goed. But den my eyespot start to get swelled up liyk size of gobstoppur kandee and did getted pink cuhler, wich iz not flatturing cuhler for boy dawg, so she reeliyz dat der wuz more stuffs going on den a konfuze Buddy dawg. So, we go to da V.E.T.
She trik me and say we wuz goed to see my frends at da danse studio wer dem gives me lots of snuggles, but as soon as I did smelled wer we reely went wuz da V.E.T. I wuz not happee wif da trik. I did try to be da brayv dawg, evun wen dem did da hyomilyashun of taked da tempurachur. Den da V.E.T. wut is my fayvorit one did pushed on my eyespot and maked me cry, and open my mouf wide wich maked me skared, and push on my bellee and all kind of stuffs. (I must rekonsidur if him is my fayvorit after dis most unsatizfaktoree treetmunt.)
Him finally say dat I haz infekshun under da prahs-theeesiz wut is da marbull in my hed. So now I haz to taked da rim-ah-diyll wut taste liyk chikin pill so dat I doesn't skratch no mores, and I takes some ant-I-buy-awdiks for to kill da infekshun wut is in my hed. Now I iz spose to fiyt big battul wif da germiez. If I winz dis battul den I doesn't haz to haf more surjery. If I iz not strong enuf littul dawg for to win dis battul wif da miytee germiez den mebbe I haz to git nuther surjery wut wud taked my prahs-theeesiz away.
Den him telled mom dat I wuz gud wayt for littul dawg wut doeznt eksersiyz dat much and dat wayt wuz not my big konsern rite now, but I cud mebbe loos littul bit. I iz 6.8 pownd and wud loos few ownses for to be perfuct wayt. Kin you imagiyn him haz da gutts to do all dis meen stuffs to me den tell me to not eated so much, wen eated iz my fayvorit to do? I blame mom for dis cuz her did ask him bowt my wayt. Why do she ask abowt me be fat or skinny wen KLEERY we haz biggur stuffs wut we shud worry abowt. So, now her haz me on diyet. (Dis dawg is kleery be mistreeted in dis howse wif da mom and da Gman and da big dawg. Somebudy need to come save me from dis plays and maked mom gived me stayk and maked big dawg shared da gud beds and pleeze maked Gman give me gud siyd of hyoman bed. Kay thanx!)
I deesiyd mebbe we need to konsider nuther V.E.T. cuz dis won iz big theef. Furst him steeled all my rownd stuffs. But sometiym him iz niyc and gived me new round stuffs liyk dem marbulls dat is in my hed. Now him want to steel dem round stuffs wut he gived me as prezunt. Wut iz happen wen I doesn't haf no more rownd stuffs for him to steel!?! I shuddur to tink wut will be gone next tiym.
Well, dat iz enuf for me today. My chiken pills do maked me sleepy dawg, so I iz gonna go cuddel my blu blankee and pownder how to gits V.E.T. to be gud hyoman and not steeled so much.

Kisses & Snuggles - Buddy Dawg

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I can teach tricks too!

Mom and Gman do taked so long to deciyd how to go abowt teeched me da new triks dat dis tiym I haz deciyd to teeched dem a new trik! Dis one is not silly trik dat is for amyoozemunt of da hyomans, nope! Dis trik does helped to maked me cumfortabul and feeled safe wen I jumped on big stuffs liyk cowch or hyoman bed.
But dis did gotted me to wondering. Why do da hyomans worked so hard to maked da little dawg and da big dawg lerned dis Engulish langwige, but dem does not try to lerned da Buddy Dawg langwige? If dem wud tried to lerned dat, I wud not haz to worked so hard!!
It did taked dem long tiym to lerned dis trik. Akshully, I feer dat mom wud not haf reelized she wuz suppoze to say majik word for me, but Gman did figyured owt wut I teeched dem and him explayn to her. Tank dem stuffies above dat Gman is heer to setted mom strayt!! Her did apoliyz for not unnerstand wut I wuz teeched her and gimmie lots of cuddul after tho, so dat wuz da bestest!
Awww, mom!! Iz ok! Now stop, you iz embarrass me in front of da bloggy reeders!
So heer is why I teeched dis trik, and not a reel gud for dawg trik liyk "Mom, drop the bacon." or "Gman, give me the good pillow". Well, cuz I iz littul dawg I haz to jump hi sometiym to get to my hyoman. Some of da jumping is so hi it is liyk 3 of me stakked in dawgy piyl! Wen da V.E.T. furst steeled my eyestuffs and putted prahs-theeesiz in dat spot insted-well, I wuz reel skared of da big jumps (don't tell da big dawg kay?). Lucky for dis littul dawg dat da hyomans haz da long arms to picked me up and I doesn't haz to do dis big jumping. But now dat I is akklimayted to da blindy stuffs da hyomans tell me I haz to me induhpendant. (Pfffft, I wud tink dat picked up is much gooder dan induhpendant. But wutevur, dem controls da kibbuls.)

Jumping is still da skeery skeery stuff to do. So I waits for mom or Gman to telled me iz safe. Dem din't knowed dat der wuz majik word so dem wud sayed all sorts of stuffs liyk "Go Buddy, Up Buddy, Buddy Jump, Buddy Come, Come Buddy, Buddy COME, Here Buddy....seriously Buddy it's one foot - jump already you little punk." Dem cud sayed it all day long and I wud sit liyk gud dawg and waited for dem to do da trik I wuz teeched dem. Dis trik iz to said "OK, Buddy!" As soon as dem sayed da trik word "OK" zooooom!!! up I go!!!


Now I haz to figyur owt wut dem next trik shud be. I haz narrow down da opshun to "Hyoman, karried me all da playces I wants to go" and "Hyoman, bring me da wormies wut I cud rolled in".

Well wud see how kwik dem lerns da next one!!

Kisses & Snuggles - Buddy Dawg

Monday, January 4, 2010

I am back...again, for real this time. :)

Sorry I haz been em-iy-ay! Dem holudayz keeped us so very bizee! And den mom did turned owldur (I maked promus not to telled you dat she did turned thurtee, so be bestest if you din't asked how oldur kay, my muzzul is seeled!) She had minur brakedowned, somefin abowt be so owld dat she haz to yuse rinkul kreem and wared da glassus.
I finully telled her "Mom, we iz owld. I taked it graysfully - but you iz not be gud sport. No one did taked your eyestuffs and maked you fiyt dem stayr monsturs, so git ovur it!!! PFFFFT"


So, now dat we had dis littul talk and she gotted ovur da oldies and da holudayz and da hanged ovurs I iz shore dat she wud letted me updayt my bloggy more often.
We did goed to lots of partee dis holuday seezun, even da big dawg got inviyted to Gigi's dis tiym. We gotted lots of prezunts from da fambily and da Santa Pawz. My fayvorit prezunt is da nommies, Maxim fayvorit iz da stuffy dat is sposeda be miyn. Him waz such gud dawg at da partees...until da end, den him did is faymus trik of steel da uder dawg bed. Him do not fitted on cuzin dawg bed tho, see?

WUT? Iz dis not miyn??!!

Do not worreee tho, I getted him bak and steeled his bed wen we goed home!!
Ha, taked dat big dawg!!

I haz most eksiyting news for you! I iz almost faymus liyk Lassie dawg!! My Meemaw is teechur and her telled her skewl abowt dis blindy dawg. Dis is skewl dat is inner-citee skewl wif trubled kids. Dis skewl did heer abowt wut gud dawg I iz, and how I haz overcommed lots of obstakul (well, da stayr monstur still wins but dat is a wurk in progressed). Dem did asked me to be gest speekur! Mom wud haz to tranzlayted for me of korse. So we iz gunna talked about how liyf is wut you maked of it, and also abowt puppee millz and how dem iz bad and can maked more dawgs liyk me or badder den me evun, so peepul shud reskew dawgs liyk big dawg. Mom haz nevur done dis publik tranzlayting for a littul dawg dat is pulik speekur. She sed we haz lots of reesurch to do so we do dis rite.
We iz sooper nervus but eksiyted too!! Dis wud be my furst tiym I talk to uder peepul abowt how to be da gud blindy dawg. Mom iz gunna teeched me to do wut she sed is "bow" for dis most speshul okazshun. Look for funnee vidyo of her wen she do teeched me, it takes long tiym to lerned da new triks for me-so we wud get lots of bloopur for dis blog kay? Don't telled her I sayed so, but I getted a feeling dat she do not reely knowed wut she is do wif me. Seemz liyk sometiym she maked it up as she goed alowng. But dat is okay wif me cuz it just meened more yummy treets!!!
Awww, mom. You iz try to be gud teecher, more treets pleeze?

Ok, dat iz enuf for me today. I wud see you tomorrow!!
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg