Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm baaaack.

Hi frends! Is me, da Buddy Dawg. I is back now. Mom gotted very busee wif da work stuffs, den she wented to Meksikow and leaved me here wif da big dawg. Mom sed littul dawgs liyk me is not 'posed to use da internez wifout adult supurvishuns - so I kud not updated my bloggy. She sed her liyf is bak to normul now so I cud update lots (wif supervishuns of korse). I will haf to reed all my frends bloggy's too, cuz I haz lots of katched up works to do-mebbe dat is wut I wud does wen Gman watches dat futbol stuffs tomorrow.

So, I haz lots to telled you about all da new stuffs I is tryed to lern - but for today I wud just liyk to showed you some pikshures.... Cuz I wud getted so lownly wifout mom arownd I did cuddled my big dawg lots. He even letted me shared his bed - as you cud see him gived me da biggest part of da bed. Him sed dat I is a bed hawg - but I is not feeled liyk a hawg, I feeled nice and comfy. He gotted sik of me takin dis much of da bed and did steeled my bed insted. Did not fitted so gud, see?

Well, dat is enuf for today, sorry iz so short (liyk me!!) but I iz promise tomorrow wud be much more katched up stuff kay?

Hugs & Kisses - Buddy Dawg


  1. We are SO glads you are back!!!

    Bobo and Meja

  2. Welcome back Buddy Dawg! We missed you!

  3. Hi Buddy Friend! I am happy you are back! We missed you.

  4. So sweet! We are way behind with our pals too. Glad things are back to normal!

  5. Oh so GLAD you are back!! I know about beds not being the right size, good thing you got the big bed!