Monday, November 30, 2009

Note from my house sitter.

Hi! This is The Mom. As Buddy told you I recently spent a week in lovely Mexico with Gman and gaggle of friends...ahhh, paradise.
It was my first time leaving the disabled dog alone, so as you can imagine I was a little nervous. Ok, I'll be honest - I freaked out!!! What if Buddy goes on a hunger strike? What if Maxim eats...well...anything (blanket, pillows, couch, TV). What if they get sick and no one notices? The stairs, too many stairs!! What if he leaves the stove on? Gasp, gasp, gasp.
The dog sitter did amazing though, the boys are happy, healthy, and a little chunkier than when we left (how many treats did they get a day, I wonder?). Buddy has learned a new trick. While we were gone I put all treats/bones/toys on the window ledge for easy access for dog sitter. Buddy will now go and stand with his nose to the wall, chirp the most pitiful little chirps, and "stare" up at the treats. Some might call this begging, I just call it adorable. Of course, we will be nipping this little trick in the bud soon. But for now I just bask in the joy that my blind dog can position himself exactly where the tasty treats are, even though there is a 4 foot upwards distance between them and him.
Our sitter was excellent, he texted me updates every day so I wouldn't worry (actually, probably so I wouldn't call him constantly - but whatever, it worked). The texts usually included some kind of "both tails are wagging" comment, which warmed my heart every time. I think the boys miss him now, we might have to arrange play dates ;)

Here is the letter from our sitter:

Hope you guys had a great time! Everything was and is fine here. I put the pillow on the stairs so Buddy wouldn't try to climb up. Buddy said he likes it better down there so he can hear more stuff. We had a loooong talk about it.

Hope the dogs seem normal, everything was cool the entire time! They ate, played, wagged and bathroomed outside the entire time. It was fun! See yall soon.

Dog Sitter

Awww! YAY! My boys get an A+! Bravo guys, I am so proud of you. And yes, Buddy, you can stay downstairs now instead of being locked in the bedroom. You earned it.
Til tomorrow-A


  1. A good dogsitter is priceless! I love Buddy's new trick because I love it when a dog understands that he has some ability to control what happens to him. If I may offer an unsolicited opinion... I would not try to nip this trick but just add a 'command' or 'marker' that lets him know he will not be getting any right now. I can understand not wanting to encourage prolonged begging that could escalate to whining or barking or some other undesired behavior but I think it is nice that he can ask for what he wants. My Moose brings me his jug or Kong at dinner time and he occasionally will bring it to me in the middle of the day (and could be very pushy about it). So I just started saying 'its too early' and he has figured out that means he is not getting anything right now and will drop the jug and give up and try again at dinner time. Just a thought... I am with you it sounds adorable! It is heartwarming to see how far he has come with all of your efforts. He is a lucky boy! (they both are for that matter).

  2. A good dog sitter is priceless. Does he come to California? :)

  3. What a great dog sitter! We could use one of those! I can only imagine how freaked out Dennis would be if we went away for a few days without him ...