Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Am The Man Of The House

My Gman is owt of town, n my brudder is wif him.  Dat meens I iz man of da howse.  My wurd is law!  Do you heer dat mom?  LAW! ::snort::

Wut dis meens iz my job becomed protekt mom at all tiymz.  Most important is wen her lose focus, liyk at nite tiym.  Her fall asleep so much on da job dat it iz reely kwiyt imbarrising.  So wen I do heer her turned off da teevee box I know dat I must maked most sure she do not forgetted dat I am protekting us.  A kwik nudge or playtiym growl will mostly do dat trik and keeped her awayk.  But sometiym it taked more energeez from me, so I do a full body rolly polly move acrossed of her belly part.  Den I rubs all day way up and down of her, liyk her is smelly wormy. 

I knowed how much her appreshiayts me cuz den her pats me on da fays and says "Good lord you ::bleeping:: dog.  It's two a.m.  GO TO SLEEP!"  Sometiym her even kompayr my skillz to my Gman skillz, I knowed I wins dis kontest cuz she says "This shit would not fly if your father was here, for the love of Dog shut the hell up!".  Den her letted me layed under her arm wer it iz so niyc and warm.  We cuddle lotz after dis point cuz her is so prowd of me!  Sometiym it feel like her mebbe holded me down so I be not able to protekt her, but I knowed she just feel sayf wen I iz neer her.  If it wuz not fer me i know her wud sleeped da whole nite thru and never be protekted from da stayr monsters or da boogymens.  I rock.

Akshually I do not abwese dis new powur wut I haz called Man Of the House.  I uses it only for da gud.  Wut is gud is lots n lots of played times in da grassy parts and to played wif my smart dog toyz.  AND I do never haz to shayr!!  Wen I do not haz to shayr mom wif brudder I iz so happy cuz it meens more nommies fer me! 

Wif da temperachur in da million dagrees farunhiet we doesn't played owtside dat much.  Cuz I be an old man my air condishioner insiyd my body be broken.  I i kin getted sooooo bored.  Mom gets skared dat if I getted too bored I miyt get dem big bad depressys again, so mom n I played wif my Nina O toy lots.  Her sez its so I kin eksersiyz da brain parts, but reely its so her dont feel bad for givin me lots of nommies.  See how smart I iz?

Kisses & Snuggles, Buddy Dawg

From the mom:  A very dear friend of mine has lost his dog.  Indy, the Basinji Bad Boy, got very spooked from the fireworks and darted from his dad Monday night.  He hasn't been seen since.  We could sure use any spare thoughts and prayers you have, as this handsome young man desperately needs to be reunited with his dad.  He darted while visiting family in a different state, so he is in completely unknown and scary territory.  Below is a picture of Indy and Maxim - bffs for life.

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  1. you are THE man of the house Buddy! I hope your friend gets found soon!