Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tomorrow is a new post - I promise!

This is the mom.  And I really want Buddy to blog, really I do.  But we keep getting distracted with life....life gets in the way.  So tomorrow come hell or highwater we will have a new story to tell.  I miss this online community, and I need to work harder to stay a part of it.  But until then, enjoy this video. But first the backstory, because let's face it.  It's my first time creating a video and it's not real great :)

Buddy's teeth are terrible.  TERRRRRIBLE!  Bad breeding plays a huge part, combined with the fact that we cannot put him under again without the risk of complications (no teeth cleanings for this boy!)  I have been looking high and low for a bone that meets this little picky terror's standards but to no avail.  He is the most picky little dog I have ever met. 

So, naturally, anytime I bring home a new chew-type toy his response is never "Oh yay new yummies your the best I love you!!!!"  Nope, it runs more to the "Oh sh*t mom, for the love of dog GIVE IT UP!  Do I have to pretend to be grateful again? You know the minute you turn your back I am throwing this crap to my brother.  That guy eats anything. Give.it.up"  Yet still I try.

And most recently. I WON!

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  1. Looking forward to your post Buddy!!!