Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I can teach tricks too!

Mom and Gman do taked so long to deciyd how to go abowt teeched me da new triks dat dis tiym I haz deciyd to teeched dem a new trik! Dis one is not silly trik dat is for amyoozemunt of da hyomans, nope! Dis trik does helped to maked me cumfortabul and feeled safe wen I jumped on big stuffs liyk cowch or hyoman bed.
But dis did gotted me to wondering. Why do da hyomans worked so hard to maked da little dawg and da big dawg lerned dis Engulish langwige, but dem does not try to lerned da Buddy Dawg langwige? If dem wud tried to lerned dat, I wud not haz to worked so hard!!
It did taked dem long tiym to lerned dis trik. Akshully, I feer dat mom wud not haf reelized she wuz suppoze to say majik word for me, but Gman did figyured owt wut I teeched dem and him explayn to her. Tank dem stuffies above dat Gman is heer to setted mom strayt!! Her did apoliyz for not unnerstand wut I wuz teeched her and gimmie lots of cuddul after tho, so dat wuz da bestest!
Awww, mom!! Iz ok! Now stop, you iz embarrass me in front of da bloggy reeders!
So heer is why I teeched dis trik, and not a reel gud for dawg trik liyk "Mom, drop the bacon." or "Gman, give me the good pillow". Well, cuz I iz littul dawg I haz to jump hi sometiym to get to my hyoman. Some of da jumping is so hi it is liyk 3 of me stakked in dawgy piyl! Wen da V.E.T. furst steeled my eyestuffs and putted prahs-theeesiz in dat spot insted-well, I wuz reel skared of da big jumps (don't tell da big dawg kay?). Lucky for dis littul dawg dat da hyomans haz da long arms to picked me up and I doesn't haz to do dis big jumping. But now dat I is akklimayted to da blindy stuffs da hyomans tell me I haz to me induhpendant. (Pfffft, I wud tink dat picked up is much gooder dan induhpendant. But wutevur, dem controls da kibbuls.)

Jumping is still da skeery skeery stuff to do. So I waits for mom or Gman to telled me iz safe. Dem din't knowed dat der wuz majik word so dem wud sayed all sorts of stuffs liyk "Go Buddy, Up Buddy, Buddy Jump, Buddy Come, Come Buddy, Buddy COME, Here Buddy....seriously Buddy it's one foot - jump already you little punk." Dem cud sayed it all day long and I wud sit liyk gud dawg and waited for dem to do da trik I wuz teeched dem. Dis trik iz to said "OK, Buddy!" As soon as dem sayed da trik word "OK" zooooom!!! up I go!!!


Now I haz to figyur owt wut dem next trik shud be. I haz narrow down da opshun to "Hyoman, karried me all da playces I wants to go" and "Hyoman, bring me da wormies wut I cud rolled in".

Well wud see how kwik dem lerns da next one!!

Kisses & Snuggles - Buddy Dawg


  1. hello buddy dawg its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes ok is a majikal wurd all rite!!! ok bye

  2. Hi Buddy Dawg Friend! I have an excellent idea for a new trick. It is humans go get me a nice steak and give me belly rubs while I eat it. What do you think?

  3. Thata a great trick. But whenever I jump on the couch mom makes me get off :(