Monday, January 4, 2010

I am back...again, for real this time. :)

Sorry I haz been em-iy-ay! Dem holudayz keeped us so very bizee! And den mom did turned owldur (I maked promus not to telled you dat she did turned thurtee, so be bestest if you din't asked how oldur kay, my muzzul is seeled!) She had minur brakedowned, somefin abowt be so owld dat she haz to yuse rinkul kreem and wared da glassus.
I finully telled her "Mom, we iz owld. I taked it graysfully - but you iz not be gud sport. No one did taked your eyestuffs and maked you fiyt dem stayr monsturs, so git ovur it!!! PFFFFT"


So, now dat we had dis littul talk and she gotted ovur da oldies and da holudayz and da hanged ovurs I iz shore dat she wud letted me updayt my bloggy more often.
We did goed to lots of partee dis holuday seezun, even da big dawg got inviyted to Gigi's dis tiym. We gotted lots of prezunts from da fambily and da Santa Pawz. My fayvorit prezunt is da nommies, Maxim fayvorit iz da stuffy dat is sposeda be miyn. Him waz such gud dawg at da partees...until da end, den him did is faymus trik of steel da uder dawg bed. Him do not fitted on cuzin dawg bed tho, see?

WUT? Iz dis not miyn??!!

Do not worreee tho, I getted him bak and steeled his bed wen we goed home!!
Ha, taked dat big dawg!!

I haz most eksiyting news for you! I iz almost faymus liyk Lassie dawg!! My Meemaw is teechur and her telled her skewl abowt dis blindy dawg. Dis is skewl dat is inner-citee skewl wif trubled kids. Dis skewl did heer abowt wut gud dawg I iz, and how I haz overcommed lots of obstakul (well, da stayr monstur still wins but dat is a wurk in progressed). Dem did asked me to be gest speekur! Mom wud haz to tranzlayted for me of korse. So we iz gunna talked about how liyf is wut you maked of it, and also abowt puppee millz and how dem iz bad and can maked more dawgs liyk me or badder den me evun, so peepul shud reskew dawgs liyk big dawg. Mom haz nevur done dis publik tranzlayting for a littul dawg dat is pulik speekur. She sed we haz lots of reesurch to do so we do dis rite.
We iz sooper nervus but eksiyted too!! Dis wud be my furst tiym I talk to uder peepul abowt how to be da gud blindy dawg. Mom iz gunna teeched me to do wut she sed is "bow" for dis most speshul okazshun. Look for funnee vidyo of her wen she do teeched me, it takes long tiym to lerned da new triks for me-so we wud get lots of bloopur for dis blog kay? Don't telled her I sayed so, but I getted a feeling dat she do not reely knowed wut she is do wif me. Seemz liyk sometiym she maked it up as she goed alowng. But dat is okay wif me cuz it just meened more yummy treets!!!
Awww, mom. You iz try to be gud teecher, more treets pleeze?

Ok, dat iz enuf for me today. I wud see you tomorrow!!
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg


  1. hello buddy dawg its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow yoo got the big bed!!! wotever else is going on they can never tayk that away frum yoo!!! ok bye

  2. Hi Buddy Dawg Freind! I am glad you are back! We missed you. Can I get your autograph now that you are going to be a lecture tour celebrity?

  3. Wow Buddy Dawg! Glad you had some nice Holidays! Good luck on your speaking engagement. Those are VERy important topics I am sure you will do great!