Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(ALMOST) Wordless Wednesday

Mom is bak! Her went to Boysee for working and leaved me for won hole week - me and da big dawg and da Gman did haz boy only partee all da tiym, wuz grayt! But we iz glad her iz bak cuz she is all of us fayvorit.

Heer is my wurdless Wenzdae vidyo - iz my new trik! Mom sed dat I iz spose to telled you dat her knows to only say da trik wurd won tiym and not reepeet lots. Da ishu is dat sins I kant see my reeward wut iz nommies, or my reeward wut iz happee hyoman- dat I haz short attenshun span. So she keeps me fokus by talked lots and maked sure I 'members I haz a task to do. Her does not do dis wif big dawg who can look at her to fokus :) So, even tho we knowed dis is "wrong" trayning dawgy trik to reepeet kommands- we iz bended da rools an akowt of da blindees. Mebbe someday I wud not need dis for fokus-mebbe I wud need it for always. We wud see :)

(We hope dat next Wenzdae vidyo I kin do dis trik wifout box in my way, kross yer paws kay?!!)

Pee Ess: It seem dat I iz haved some trubel getting da vidyo to play. Heer is link to watch if you kan't see it on da bloggy!!

Kisses & Snuggles - Buddy Dawg

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  1. Hi Buddy Dawg. We are so glad you posted again. Our mommy gets worried when you don't post.

    We can't see yer video yet but we bet you did real good on yer trick.

    Bobo and Meja