Thursday, June 10, 2010

An announcement and attack of the pollen

Hey! You! Ya, I'm takkin' to you!

First dis veree importunt messuj wut is dat All Hopped Up judg Timmy and Maxim haz annowns da winnurs!! Go chek it owt!
Fer today mom did wurked. Her do wurk from da desk 'puter heer at my hows sumtiym, and sumtiym her fly to all kind of plays wer littul dawg iz not allowd. Today wuz work at hows. You wud tink dat dis meen she getted to do lots more fun stuffs wif me but reely her sits at her desk and make phown call all day. Now dat I haz wut you kin call "Terror-sindrowm" I deesiyd I do needs more attenshuns. But I iz getting gud at tell wut tiym iz kwitting tiym too.

So now wen it getted clows to kwitting tiym for mom, me and my brudder do da danse for attenshun. (Mom call it terribul idea.) Da big dawg wud run to mom, putted nows in her fayc, den run to owtsiyd door and sed "Feedmefeedmefeedmefeedmefeedme". Den repeeted and repeeted.

Now I haz veree importunt rowl in dis danse wut is to sit by mom feet or on her lappy and spin in sircul and do whiney chipmonkey sownd and sed "I'm boooored. Mom. mom. mom. mom. I'm booooored. Mom. mom. mom." Den repeeted and repeeted.

As reeword for lerning dis new "terribul idea" wif my bruddur, she taked me owtsiyd to helped wif gardun stuff. Looking bak, dis wuz maybe punish me for da chipmoney sownds. I tink mebbe punish bekuz I wuz havin bestest tiym in da wurld smelling da new rowses. I wud sniffed, and sniffed, and sniffed...den...."KACHEW". Sniff. Sniff. KACHEW!!!

Look wut dem rowses did to my most beutiful nosespot.

Mom laff and sed I getted wud wuz comin' to me.

Kisses & Snuggles,
Buddy Dawg


  1. Maxim dat is a very kyoot pitchure of you dancin. And we thinks yer mom probably put that rose googoo on yer nosey. Bad mom!

    Bobo and Meja

  2. oh Oh ! I hope your nosespot is ok! We are glas you are back we missed you!

  3. Now, I don't thinks that was a Most Terrible idea at all. Our peoples need us to remind them that life is more than just dumb talking on the phone and sitting by their computers and stuff. I'm very sorrys about your nosespot. Poor you!

    Wiggles & Wags,