Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's all mom's fault.

FROM MOM:  You can blame me.  I suck at keeping up, even my sister yelled at me recently over Buddy's inactivity online.  I have many excuses, all of them good - none of them that you care about I am sure.  So, here we are again....where did we leave off? Oh ya, I let Buddy hype up a new trick and run a contest.  Then I thought to myself, how the hell do you teach a blind dog that you want him to jump straight up?  I mean, yes he's a terrier and terriers jump....but he hasn't jumped in years.  As in multiple. years.  Forget it, no way.  So I sat on my tush and said screw it, not even gonna try.  Then I disappeared off the face of the earth for a few months.  Whoops, sorry!

Until one day the most amazing thing happened.  Buddy got bored.  Those of us who own terrors. er. um terriers don't usually celebrate things like boredom - boredom usually comes at the cost of our brand new pair of expensive heels, or a couch leg, or maybe a couch.  Except when you have a dog who no longer wants to do anything.  The first time they are bored.  ZOMG priceless.  Anyway, here is Buddy - that's why you are here after all.

Hai der frends!  Well, da mom did getted da wormies in da lapdawg 'puter and it gotted broked - and her desk 'puter wud be a no dawg zown.  But I iz bak on lapdawg 'puter now cuz mom did fixed it. 

Wun day mom wuz watched her fayvorit show wut is Gray Unatowmee on da teevee.  Her din't do my triks for few days and her din't reely taked me owt to played in da grasses eethur.  So wun day I say "Enuf iz enuf".  So I did sitted on flowr and stayr at her.  How do blindy dawg stayr?  Liyk dis: 
Mom sed, "What's wrong?  You need outside? Outside? No?  Are you feeling ok?  GMan, I think he's sick!  Look how he is just sitting there looking at us. ...... Yes I know he can't look at us, he has no eyes!  But seriously, I think he's looking at us.  Kinda creepy!"

Her nevur getted wut I wuz sed so I getted closer and stayr hardest.  Liyk dis:

Mom sayd "Buddy, little dog, what's wrong?  Are you ok?  Is your tummy ok?  Let me see your paws - what is going on?"  Aftur her getted gud and worry I do ::playbow::wiggle::wag::wag::SNUFF::.   Mom said "Holy sh*!  I think he's saying he's bored!!!!"  So her gotted me nommies down and letted me do trayning wut maked my brayn growed strawnger, I wuz so happee I do wutever her wants me to lern.  Now mom knowed dat dis dupreshun is troolee all goned, and we do lotta stuffs liyk hunt in da gardun wif da big dawg and sniffed da wormies and helped mom pulled da weeds.  I evun gotted to go hiyk one day! 

Mom lerned her lessun and do not letted me get bored no mores.  Her thinked dat I jus do dem triks for her to be happee, and I wud rathur lay rownd lots liyk cat do.  I show her!  See wut I can do now?

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(This is mom...again....who can't figure out how to post a video.  So go here to see him do a new trick, it's worth it!!!) 

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
Well, now dat you seed me do my amayzing jumps - iz tiym to annownsed my winnurs for dat All Hopped Up kontest, stay toon for da annownsement wut will be happun veree soon dis week.
Kisses and snuggles,
Buddy Dawg


  1. That is a great jump. You sure are springy. I agree that it is kind of disconcerting when you stare.

    Your mom has a wonderful happy voice. I would jump for her too.


  2. Buddy Dawg!
    You are srsly talented. I like jumping too but I like jumping over fences.
    My Mama loves the Grey's Anatomy. Supposedly my cat brudder Oz is going to review this past season during the summer on my bloggy but that's only if he stops getting grounded!
    We can't wait to do your GABE prize. Mama loves doin those things.
    Stellaluna the spazteroid

  3. Those are great jumps! I don't even think my sister can jump that great and she's not blind. Definitely very cool Buddy! So glad to have you back :)

  4. What great jumps! (bounce bounce)! Those look like some good noms too!