Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear mom part 2

Dear Mom,

As the little dog has said, we miss you.  Terribly.  We are sad without you here.  Since my brother's pitiful plea for your return has not worked, I am forced to go with a bribe.  In exchange for your swift return, I am prepared to pay you with one, extremely fun, slightly used tug toy.

Ok, how about ALLLL my favorite toys in the world?  Will you come home now?
Buddy interupts:  Wayt brudder, dat is yer most fayvorit stuffy toy wut you loves to played wif evry day!!!

Oh, right...... all the toys.....except this one. I need this one.
Come home mom, I miss you!

Maxim the Big Dawg


  1. Dear Buddy Dawg and Maxim Dawg mom. Please to go home right away they misses you very much and you shud go home now k? k.

    Bobo and Meja

  2. How sweet are they?
    Just preciousness.
    Just preciousness.

  3. Oh PLEASE mom, PLEASE come home. Look at all that pitiful sweetness right there. How can you makes them suffer so?

    Pretty Please Wiggles & Wags,

  4. I will take that offer. Sure, I don't have thumbs like mom, but I can be entertaining.


  5. Oh, pfff, you whine too much. Momma's got to bring home the kibble. Sucks, but you're not making it any easier for her. Why don't you find something fun to do while she's gone. I see a beautiful carpet you can start chewing on.

  6. Maxi, definately keep the good one she will come home I promise! xoxox Gigi