Monday, April 5, 2010

All Hopped Up Contest - join us!

As you knowed, I is a terrier dawg. Us terrier dawgs is most faymus for da jump skills we haz. We jumps lots, for nommies, for to make hyomans laff, for to git skwirrils or some other yummy littul furry things, for being bored, more and more and more.

Since dis grayt depreshun I does not jumped no more. Some of it wud be cuz I doesn't see where my feets land at, some of it wud be cuz I din't want to haz any funstuffs. Now dat I iz done wif da grayt depreshun I iz a jump masheen!! If I smells da nommies wut mom gif us I git so eksiyted I jumps and jumps and flips and jumps.

Sownd grayt rite? WRONG! Mom sed now dat I iz do a trik myself she want to give it a word so dat I wud do it wen she wanted me to. I doesn't know why she takes all my funstuffs and makes dem work stuffs. Wen I asked her she sed it were to growed and eksersiyz my brainspot. I iz haf da hardest tiym mayking mom unnerstand dat I liyks lazee brainspot, and my hed is much too littul for more brain - all dis eksersiyz is shore to maked my hed explowd!!!! Until she gits it, i wud be happee to just jumped up for da treets and nommies all day, iz a gud trayd reely.

So, my grayt bloggy frends - I wud now inviyt you to haz kontest wif me! Dis is da "All Hopped Up" kontest. My gowl is to lerned to jump wif a word by end of kontest, and if you enters kontest you can be inspurashun for me too, kay?
Mom's Rools for All Hopped Up:

1) Post a picture of your pet's best jump skills on your blog (they can be naughty, sporty, silly, teamwork, anything you like. With enough entries we will split and have separate divisions). Our deadline for Buddy to learn his new trick, and for you to have your contest entries in is April 30. :)

2) Leave Buddy a comment on his blog saying you have a picture for the contest and link your blog, we will copy the picture and make sure everyone gets to see it.

3) Buddy will post the winners on his blog soon after the deadline, and hopefully reveal his jump on command via video too! Top prize is a donation to our favorite rescue Hearts United for Animals , we will be requesting funds be used for other blind dogs (unless the winner requests differently.) We will also send a small prize package to the winners house.
Ok, git jumpin frends!!!
Kisses & Snuggles,
Buddy Dawg


  1. WOW Buddy that is a cool contest!

    Us big girls don't jump all that much but Hailey is a little jumper. We will do our best to get a picture for you!

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  2. Buddy! I'm glad to see you back! I'll be posting my contest entry soon. I think I have a couple good ones that'll count!

  3. Here is a picture of me jumping off the slide. :P

  4. Hi Buddy! Princess told me abouts your contest and it sounds great! I will try to get mom to takes a picture of me and/or Brudder Ranger in the jumping position but sometimes we jumps faster than the flashy beast can operate.

    I'm glad you're feeling betters!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. hihi, mr. buddy!!
    it's totally fab to meet you! miss princess told me to come visit cuz you are doing a fun jumpin' contest. now, i'm not the bestest jumper, but my big sis asa is totally good at it! so we'll see if mama can actually get a decent picture. (my mama, she does not have the good flashy camera skills. heehee.)
    the booker man

  6. Oh Buddy Dawg! So glad you are back! I missed you so much I almost was having a great depression too! I can't jump any more on account of my bad leggy, but I might have a picture from before I hurt it!