Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Great Depression

Sorry I iz been goned so much. I did had wut mom call "Da Grayt Duhpreshun". Wut wuz so grayt abowt it, I still doesn't knowed. After da vet taked my eye owt and my chiken pills (wut makes da littul dawg happy) wuz gone, den I desiyd dat being blind dawg wuz not gud idea. In fact, it kwite stunk. So i was sad and din't wanted to do dat much.

Mom say during dis Grayt Duhpreshun I doesn't haf to do my trayning and I kin just akklimayt to da new sichuashun. If you never heer word "akklimayt" before lemme tell you. Dis word meen dat you spend lots of tiym just doin' da fayvorit stuff wut you liyk to do, snuggle da hyomans, and most best doesn't haf to fiyt da stayr monster ever cuz da hyoman does carry you insted. It taked me a long long time (I swear I wuz not a fayker just for da free riyds), and mom did getted skared dat mebbe she make wrong choise to haf surjery - dat mebbe I wud never be happy dawg agin. She did gived herself lots of new gray hairs on akkownt of me and dis duhpreshun - we iz almost twins!

But den I proof her wrong! I iz very happy agin now, and I even try to play wif da big dawg! I did play bow and barkity-growlity liyk suppose to, but den he slap his feets down too. Dis wuz such big sownd dat it skare me lots and I changed my mind. I wud keep trying and mebbe next tiym we kin work it owt.

To selubrayt my new owtlook on liyf mom did getted new camara - so look for many pikshure storees as we lerned our new triks agin :)

Til next time

Kisses & Snuggles,
Buddy Dawg


  1. Buddy dawg! I must say that before I even saw that your mom got a new camera I was struck by what a wonderful photo of you that is! I know it takes more than a good camera to take a good picture like a good photographer AND a striking subject and obviously you has it all!
    Sorry to hear about your great depression but glad you have acclimated and are ready to move on! Your mom has done a wonderful job and should never second guess herself!
    Moose + momma.

  2. hello buddy dawg its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am glad that yoo ar feeling happy agin happiness is gud!!! depreshun not so mutch!!! ok bye

  3. Hey Buddy! So glad to have you back and glad that you're out of the great depression. I missed you!

    Tail wags,

  4. I am glad your great depression is over and you are back to your old self. Sorry about your eyes, but I think you will be fine. You sound like you have a great mom who takes extra special care of you.