Thursday, April 8, 2010

It appears I have made lots of new friends!

Wow, I haz lotsa new frends since I did beeted da grayt depreshun.  Menny of dem do wonders why I iz a blindy dawg and ask my mom dat kweshtyun lots in da emayls.   I haz jenetik kondishun wut wuz called subblocksing lenzes (subbloxing lenses).  Dis do meen dat wut part of my eyespot wut did had job to maked da pikshures rite siyd up, dat part did braked loose of it leesh and run wildin my eyeballs.  It akt lots liyk big dawg and krash into walls and stuffs dat wud hurted me. Wuz most paynfull and not niyc, so da V.E.T. did fix me. 

I start dis blog cuz I wuz reely try to maked my meemaw feeled so bad cuz I was pitty-full dat she wud maked me "blind dawg" shirt.  I wud liyk to ware somefin liyk dis wen we go to playses for soshulizashun (liyk da studio or da PetSmart).  You cud called it muhnipulashun wut I try to do wif her, but since did not work - iz bettur if you ignores dat trayt in me. 

I never did getted my shirt wut say "blind dawg", and I iz littul sad abowt dat. Mom do think it wud help edjukayt peeple who want to just pick up coote littul dawg wifout propur introdukshiuns.  Maxim da big dawg sed mebbe we cud git a "Dog For The Blind" shirt and just ware it bakwurds.  Mom sed no.  /////partee pooper////

So, I haz been blindy for abowt 7 months now - but I wuz one-eyed wonder dawg befor dat too.  If you wants to reed da begin part of dis juhrney - you cud go here kay?

Kisses & Snuggles,
Buddy Dawg.

Pee Ess.  We haz 2 doggies All Hopped Up!  Go check 'em out!!  And soon we wud haf new judj telled you abowt theyself too - so stay tooned :)


  1. mr. buddy,
    i am so super happy that you beat the grayt depreshun! you are a totally cool 'n awesome dude, and we would all be missin' out big times if you weren't here to do the bloggie thingie.
    the booker man

    pee s -- my mama is still trying to figure out the flashy camera and "action shots" for your contest. BOL.

  2. Hey Buddy, I think your tshirt ideas are great one and your mom needs not be a spoil sport!! :P

  3. I am Most Sorry about losing your eyeballs but I'm very Most Proud of you for getting rid of that grayt depreshun thing. That doesn't sound good at all! And I thinks you're Most Inspirationals. I think that you lets us know that you can do anythings you wanna do if you sets your mind to it. And I'm very much glad that we're new furends!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. We love Buddy dawg!

  5. We agree, great t-shirt idea!

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey