Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring means gardening!

Today mom did not goed owt of town for her workstuffs wut she ushewally do, so we did goed owtsiyd and garduned.  Mom iz most amayzing wif wut her can growed.  She sed she wud liyked to only growed her lillees and her tewlips, but her is bettur den wut she reeliyz.  Her also do growed menee difurent kind of sniffy stuffs wut she call weeds.  My mom iz most amayzing wif da green thumb!

Her is most niycest person too, for her do go pik da niycest biggest weed and den her makes flower bohkay for da garbuj man.  She raps dem in niyc big black plahstik wud dem do not git brokened or stealed befor da garbuj man do getted dem.  I tink mebbe she do liyk garbuj man for she give him big prezunt liyk dat lots.  Wen her is mayked da weed bohkay I git to played wif her in da planted stuffs.  I plays Jorj of Jungel and hunts for da wormies.  Iz too early in spring tiym for wormies, but I iz eksersiyzing my sniffer so wen dem do come owt I kin be reddy.  Dis iz pikshur of grayt wormy hunt!!

And, I wud liyk to reeminded you all wun part, wut is...... Do not forgetted to stop and sniff da flowers!!
Kisses & Snuggles,
Buddy Dawg

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  1. i like to hunt for the wormies as well, mr. buddy! it's totally funsies! do you like to sniff for the little froggies, too?
    have a super duper weekend!
    the booker man

  2. I will bet you can sniff those wormies out better than anydog!