Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wow, I is so tecknologikallee advanced!

Wow! I has a blog. Who wudda thunk it? Mom sed my first post hasta explain why i has a blog - so pepple doesn't tink she is da crayze won. Well, my named is Buddy. Gman (my hyoman man don't like to be called d.a.d.) gotted me for some present for my mom long times ago (almost ayt (8) yers).

I is a very good dawg, but Gman sed I is a lemin. Lemins look yellow and dunnit tasted good - so mebbe he is teasin-I is not yellow, and no one is eatted me. He is called me lemin lots lately cuz I is fallin apart. I has only one eye left in my hed to see the hyomans wif- da other one got taken away. Mom sed it was sick and I had to haf operashun. Now my oder eye be's sick too, so I is gonna get 'noder operashun. Den I has NO eyes. Sounds like meebe the operashun be's the lemin here. Who wantsa haf no eyes left?

So eneewaes, Mom sed to me I ned a shirt dat sayed "blind dog" so pepple who tinks i is so coote don'ts try to piks me up wifout asking me first. Dat is roode to not asked permishun. So I writed sum notes to my MeeMaw askin her for da new shirt. Lots of fambily reeded da notes, and tinks I is coote. (Well, Gigi sed I is ugly - but she loved me aneeway.) And MeeMaw sedded she wuld maykes me da shirt - so now I is doing a happee dance ::butt wiggle, but wiggle::

So my unka Bo sed I shud has a blog. Here it is! Well, dat is da troo storee of how I gots faymus. Mom sed before I go I shud tell all de pepple dat sometymes I am gotta shayr wif my brudder Maxim. She sed shayring is gud and growed karecture. I sed I is big enuf and karecture didn't sounded so grayt, but she is da boss - so look for hims sometymes too.

Ok, next tyme I is gonna tell 'bout how we is lerning "Left" and "Right" so I cud be a smart blind dawg. Gman was rite, mom didn't knows dem very good.
Kisses and snuggles-Buddy Dawg


  1. Hi Buddy Dawg! Welcome to the world of dog blogging. I think you did great for your first post. I have to defend my blog to my FTB (father to be) all the time he says mom is crazy, but we know it's me not her...right?!

    I don't think you're a lemon for what it's worth, I think you're a very smart and handsome boy. You'll work this smart blind dog just great, you'll make Lemonade with it!!


  2. Buddy Dawg,
    If you are a lemon, my mom is a lemon too and I know for a fact she isn't, so obviously you aren't either!
    I have to wear a thing on my backpack that says not to pet me because I am working so I understand that too!
    Welcome to the dog blog world! Can't wait to read more about you!
    Tail wags,