Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I gotted to go to da dance studio agin yesterday. I loves da kids der but reely does hope dat mom doesn't maked me keep going to often. She sed I had to go cuz she was 'fraid I wud skratches my eye-spot and get an owie. She is rite, cuz it is itchin me like krazee.

At da studio I had a gud time for a while. Da kids do loved on me lots. One even telled me a story about how she has hyoman friend like me who has no eye-spots; and dat she lerned gud about how to do her house and all sorts of stuff, so I wud too. Mom thinks is sweet dat da little hyomans gets to lerned about disabilitees wif me der. But it is too tyring to be little dawg at studio, and I don't gets all my naps-so by da end of da nite sumwon has to be my baebysitter and carry me so i can naps. Can't be mom tho cuz she is dancing, and den I gets sad and squeeks little bit. I doesn't meen to squeeks, cuz I know quiet dawg is gud dawg. But sometimes dey sneek out when I is sad. Mom forgived me tho so dat is ok.

Well, da dredded day is here. I wuz ofishially busted at my "pretend to be to sad and do nufin but cuddle". Mom finally lerned dat I is not feeling so bad as she thinked so she made me started my training agin. It was not so bad cuz today we did fun stuffs dat I knows gud. We din't do nufin too hard cuz I still gets to takes it easy while I is on da chiken pills dat makes me dizzy. I did all my tricks gud except shake. I don't git why I shud shake when I can't sees da hand anyways. Can't you just petted me insted? So mom made me do dat one lots, cuz shake used to be my favorite. I finally had to tells her dat I can't see her stinkin hand. She can seed my paw tho, I say if she wants to shake- she can just grabs it for peets sake!!

We din't do too much cuz I still gets tired easy. When I gets too tired I lays down like sad dawg and shakes like leaf until mom sez ok she unnerstands and piks me up to putted me on blue blankie. I shud get patent on dis look, as I seem to get lots of gud stuffs wif it. I will call it "Eyes So Pittyful" cuz it started when I din't has no eyes, and I is lookin for pitty.

My favorite parts of having to do da tricks is dat when we is done we plays find it game. I loves find it game. Mom sed I cud put video of dis game for you to watch, she sed it is aful boring but I is just so proud of myself I had to shayr. But I agree, it is kind of boring, as I has to sniff lots before I find it. Mom sed it was rite in front of my face and I din't even no. Mebbe I shud exercize my sniffer too.

Dat is all for today.
Kisses & snuggles-Buddy Dawg
6 days til I is cone free!!


  1. You is feeling better?

  2. I is feeling better! Not all da ways back to orijinal little dawg stayt, but I is getting der. I wud feels better if mom doesn't makes me do tricks and stuf....but we wud see if she agrees. Tanks so much for asking!