Monday, September 28, 2009

5 Little Things

Princess da beeeeutiful pitty girl tagged me in a game to play. She sed it is 5 Little Things That Make Me Happy. I din't play da game rite away cuz I wasn't feelin dat gud when she tagged me. But now I is feelin like da king agin, so I is redy to play. Da Big Dawg wus not tagged but cuz we is workin on da shayring thing - he is gonna played too.

Dis is list for me:
1. I is soo happee when da gramma and grampa comes to visit. Dey gives me extra snuggles and hugs and is so fun.

2. My favorytist in da whole world is da blue blankee. I gets to takes it eberywere I goes and I doesn't has to shayr wif da big dawg if I doesn't wanna.

3. I loves to sniffs da yard. I is so happee if I can finds a wormy or spider to rolls on. Dat is doggee hevin!!

4. Mom sed no matters wut is important to stop and sniffs da flowers. Dis pikshure is wen I still had da eye, but eben wif no eyes I still luvs to sniff da flowers. Da ones dat leeve da yellow stuffs on yer nose is da best! Wen we goes campin' mom just letted me sniffs da flowers all da tyme and da big dawg goes swimmin. I gets da better deal.

5. Da big dawg and me both is thinking dat we is mostest happy when da cuzins come visit. We make dawgy piyl for nappy time and all get to cuddled!! (See, even in da dawgy piyl my blue blankee gets to come.)

Dis list is for Maxim:

1. Dis one we is shayring - him is same as me on #5.

2. Him has a favoryte and dat is snak time. If he gets treets for doin wut mom sed den he smiles big like dis one.

3. Him tinks dat fall is da best time of year cuz he gets to layed in da leeves and pee on lots of new things. He watches da whole neyborhud to make sure dat everyone has ekual oppertoonity to has pee in da yard. Mom doesn't be happy wif dis one, but is not about her.

4. Him is so happee when he gets to go to da hyking wif Gman. Dis is only for da big boys. I doesn't git to go and mom doesn't neether, so dey does big boy things. He comes home wif scratches sometymes but dat is ok he said, is totally worth it.

5. Him luvs storee tyme wif da cuzins. Dey reed him da buks and he lerns new stuffs. Dis was skary buk so he had to cuddle reel close.

Ok, now I is singin da song "Don't worry be happy" cuz dis list maded us both happy to rited it. I doesn't knowed dat many friends wif da bloggies, so I tags everyone who has not played dis game yet. Have funs!! We is gonna go outside now so I can find some wormies and da big dawg can pee on things.
Kisses and snuggles - Buddy Dawg


  1. I is havin truble wif making all da pikshures look rite on dis post. I tryed to fix, but I is not camputur jeanius - so dis is how it has to stay. Sorry for it be's so funny lookin'. Is prolly not workin cuz I finally shayred wif da big dawg. Dis is wut I gets for bein nice.

  2. hello buddy dawg its dennis the vizsla dog hay gud lists!!! lissen maybe yoo can find wurms and then the big dog can pee on the wurms!!! that wood be fun for evrywun!!! wel eksept maybe for the wurms i gess ok bye

  3. you are a lucky dog to have a big brother like Maxim. he's very handsome and smart too, seein is how he reads an' all.

    Albert E. Hairless
    your new pawpal