Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's For Dinner?

Well, my brudder is having behavyorahl problems. Dat meens he is not beeing gud dawg. Mostly he don't likes me no more. I still likes him and wants to kiss and cuddle and sniffs - but when he sees me he goes ::growly:: ::growly:: ::snarl:: and he shows me his perly whiyt teefs. I doesn't see dem teefs cuz I doesn't has eyes, but mom sed he is showing me dem. I beliefs her, cuz I can smells his kibble breath. Mom is reely nervous bout him not liking me no mores, so he is in dawgy boot camp.

Boot camp meens dat da Big Dawg must goes enywhere mom goes, and does stuff like sit and lay down and show her da belly. All day he dos this stuff, he is not having gud time wif boot camps. Da only place he doesn't goes is kitchen, cuz big dawg is not 'llowed to go in dat one. Den mom sits on floor wif us and lets me go exploring cuz I is pretend like I am Gorj of Jungle and exploring wild places. Rite now exploring is my favoryte thing but only in da basement where no stair monsters lived at.

Mom, you really want me to do bootcamp? Can't I just eat him? Pleeeaaasseee!

Wen I is exploring mom petted Big Dawg and tells him what gud dawg he is. She has to reemynd him dat he loves da little dawg. If I is exploring by my brudder mom pets him mores and makes sure dat his mouf is not doing dat bad stuff.

In his boot camp he is gonna lerned new tricks too, just like me! Today he started lerning to "Touch It". Dis trick makes no sense to me, cuz why wud Big Dawg touch wif his paw? He shud just sticks it in his mouf, and if it is nommy den eats it - if it is yucky den spits it out. But mom sed dis is what he must do, so she must knows more den me bout dis stuff.

If you has any ideas about dis boot camp and how to makes my brudder not wants to eets me, mom wud loves some ideas. I doesn't wanna be dinner for no Maxim dawg, I wants to be friends. So I wud loves some ideas for her too. Mom sed it is prolly part of my fault too, cuz now dat I is blinds I can't see him talking wif his body talking langwage. Mebbe him tries to tell me nice and I is ignoring him so he tells me notty way. But since I can't lerned to sees him - mom sed he has to lerned to be nice all da times, even if I ignores his body talk. Dat is gud dat he has to lerns more stuff, cuz I has my plate full thankyouverymuch.

Here is to hopin dat I blogs tomorrow and does not be Big Dawg dinner before dat!!
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg
4 days til I is cone free!!

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