Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sharing is Caring

Dis is me writing my blog!

Well, I is tryin' hard to figure dis stuffs out. I is feeling so much better wif dis surjery den da last one. I is rekovring much fastr mom sed. For a while I was on hungr stryke to prove to da hyomans what I tinks about all da stoopid surjery. So Gman buyed me a can of da dog food dat is wets so I cud not git deehidrayted. I cud smelled it from all over da house, and I cud not reezist. Mom sed it smells terribul but she must not have gud sniffer like me. It smells like hevin, so my hunger stryke has ended. I even lerned to eats my kibbles wif da cone, is annoying but I cud do it.

Mom has given me time off for gud behavyor. Dat meens I doesn't has to practice my blind dawg tricks rite now. She sed my only job is to rest and gets better. What she reely meens is my job is to cuddle and loves da hyomans. To show her how much I loves dis new job, I gived lots of ::butt wiggle:: today. I has to be very careful to not looks too happy tho, or she might tried to start training agin.
My brudder da big dawg is havin hard time wif me being sick. He don't knows what to do to helps me, so he tries to give me his favoritist bone. He almost hitted me in the owie-eye spot tho, so mom sed not to shayr. He has been very nice to lets me have so much atenshiun, and not complains about it. He just wants me to feel gud so he can start to steel my foods agin.

So heer is da only ishu I is having now. Da cone....da darn cone.....::growlly:: It gets me stuck in da wierdest places. I can't go nowheres cuz it stops me and makes my butt goes up in da air. Well, I has decided dat I is stronger den da cone. So when I gets stucked I pushes as hard as I can and pushes and pushes and den stuff goes my way. Either the thing dat has me stucked gets pushed out of da way, or mom comes and picks me up so I can get freed. I is so excited for da cone to go in da trash spot. I tink I shud has party on dat day to selabrayt.
Kisses and snuggles-Buddy Dawg
8 days til I is cone free!!

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  1. Buddy Dawg, it sounds like you are doing an awesome job at cuddling and loving your humans. I wish that I got a break from doing my tricks too and could just love my humans all day.

    And you're pretty lucky to have such a good big brother too.
    I'll be counting down the days with you until you get rid of that silly cone.