Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pick Your Battles

So for da past cupple days mom has been teechin me direkshuns. Dis is so if I goes da wrong way she can sed "LEFT" and I wud switch to get bak on corse. Well we has ishues wif dis new trick. Akshully she has da ishues wif dis trick-I am smart dawg. Can you beleefs dat she is dance teecher and din't know dis one?

Mom puts da nommies in front of my sniffer, den she pulls to da side and sayd "LEFT, Buddy". I is a gud boy so I sniffs for da nommies. When my body moves enuf she gives me da nommies.
Sumtymes after she gifs me da nommies for being gud dawg I heered her say notty wurd and den sed, "That was his right". SO we starts all ober agin doin it da oder way, den I gets da treet agin. I tink mebbe before mom teeches me dis trick Gman shud put nommies in fronts of her nose and sed "LEFT, Mom" til she lerned her left and right. Cuz she confusez me. But I still gets lots of treets when mom do's it all of da diffrnt ways, so mebbe Gman shud not teeches her da way to do dis trick. Hmmm.

Anoder ishu is mom sed she has to find ways to teeched me wifout nommies. She sed I cannot be da fat dawg. She tryed to trick me and gives me my kibbles for nommies. I is sooper smart dawg & I knowed dat she had kibbles in front of my fayce, & I kudd'nt even see nuthin'. I sayd no way until she gives me nommies again. My brudder, Da Big Dawg, he is not so smart - mom sed she tricks him lots.

See-me and Big Dawg waits lyke gud boys for dem nommies.

Da Hyomans sed I has to do more eksersyze so I can stayed strong and all dat stuff. But I is too scayred to do dem, cuz da stair monsters get me wen I walks arownd, so mostly I sit by mom. No eksersyze plus lots of treets maked my mom tink i would be a fat dawg soon. Know wat I tink? I wud be still coote. I meen, hyomans like big rite? I herd da song "Badonkadonk" and I herd da song bout "Junk in da trunk", so hyomans wud lyke my junk in da trunk...mebbe. I herd Gman sed to mom "Pick Your Battles". I is tinkin dat dis one cud be da battle I picked dis yer. To be fat, or not to be fat-dat is da kweshtion.

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

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