Thursday, September 10, 2009

I liked those parts.

I is gonna have an operashun in one week. Does you knowed what operashuns is? Is not for good dawg, is for bad dawg. But I is good dawg so I dunno why I gots to haf dem all da tyme. If you goes to da V.E.T. and dey tells you how coote you is and gives you nommies - DON'T EAT DA NOMMIES!! Hide under moms legs til she taked you home kay?

My first operashun I was a baebe dawg, I got ears scratches and nommies and kisses and all da fun stuff. Den da nommies made me sweepy. When I waked up, dey taked my boy parts!!! If you is a boy dawg you knowed dis is not acseptibul. I loved my boy parts, dey was my favorite parts. I asked mom why does da vet want my boy parts? Din't he has his own, mine isn't his size anyways. Mom sed it is sooper important dat all dawgies dat are pets has dis operashun so dat we don't kontributes to overpopulashun. I sed mebbe you shud do dis to only girl dawgs. Dey don't loves der girl parts dat much anyways.
I only has one boy parts left - I better waked up wif dat one still, or I wud be very mad dawg.

Cuz I is blind now, I gets lots more cuddles and kisses. Dat part is kool. I has pills dat tasted like chiken, and when I eats dem I gets kinda tired. So I naps wif my hyomans lots more now. Mom sed after operashun I gets to stop taking chiken pills and be crazy dawg agin if I wants. I likes dat idea. Dis is pikshure of my naps spot. Dat is my favoryt spot cuz it is heeted and smells good.

Ok well mom & Gman has a date. So dat is all for today.

Kisses and snuggles-Buddy Dawg

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  1. Buddy!!! I absolutely adore your blog. It's my favorite part of the day. And I know you like those parts, but it's better like that, promise. Suppose you hadn't gotten it done and then you had these new operations and you fell. You could've really hurt yourself with those parts. That would be no bueno, yeah? And I'm sure you'll do fine after your next operation. Your momma is preparing you good. And I imagine you've seen alot already:) Loves, kisses, hugs, and snuggles, Sammi