Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keep a Close Eye On the Rug

So mom wented to da dance studio yesterday and leaved me at home. I was tinkin dis was grayt idea until she showed me where I had to stayed at.

I used to had da whole howse to myself and cud goes anywere dat I want. I had dis speshul privuhlig cuz I is sooper gud dawg and never goes potty in da house. I had to worked lots of yers to earned dis privuhlig. Now dat I has only eye-spots and no eyes I has to goed in da hyomna bafroom when dey leaved. I doesn't go potty in da house still, and has no aksident - even when I was eating da chiken pills dat makes you dizzy, dunno why I is getting punish. Mom sed is for my own gud. ::growly:: ::growly:: I doesn't lyked dis new rool so I letted her knowed. I cried lots and made my skwiril sownds but she doesn't saved me so der I stayed. I was still gud dawg so I didn't pottied anywere - but I was tinkin to mebbe go on her new rug, just to prooved my poynt.

I has some exciting news stuffs too. I, Buddy Dawg da grayt whiyt huntr has defeeted da stair monster. He is still skary and somtymes gits me, but yesterday I winned! Mom wuz at works and Gman was home wif me. He leaved me in da office spot upstairs so dat he cud go in da kitchen. If you is dawg den you knowed dat da kitchen is where all da hyoman foods falls on da floors and you get reely gud nommies dat you won't git if you isn't rite under da feets.

I wud not let such a grayt oppertoonity passed me by. I comed down da stairs wifout even tinkin bout it. Gman sed my tekneek were flawdless, I did so gud. Sad thing, I still did not get hyoman nommies so my efforts was waysted. If dat is how dey is gonna play, I will just make sure dat mom carries me from now on. I was so sad dat i din't git da hyoman nommies dat I wented outside and eat da grasses insted. Dat was pretty gud too, wud be better if der was wormies.

Kisses and snuggles-Buddy Dawg


  1. I am so glad you defeated the stair monster Buddy Dawg! That is great! I'm sorry your Mom left you in the bathroom.
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  2. No human treats! That just isn't fair. Just not fair! We protest for you☺

  3. Your efforts weren't wasted! You're just on your way to conquering the next obstacle that stands between you and the human nommies!