Friday, September 25, 2009

Waiting For The Energizer Bunny To Visit

Da Big Dawg sed boot camp is so exhawsting. Is so hard to be gud dawg and followed direkshiun all day long. Mom doesn't gived him rest from it. Mom sed he is doing gud tho and tryin reel hard to be lovey big brudder, and not a eatting me big brudder. Even Gman putted Maxim in da boot camp. I hopes I doesn't has to do da boot camps.

Today Gman had idea dat mebbe wif my smell like V.E.T. and surjery and den also havin da cone dat Maxim is confused if it is reely me or mebbe is new dawg dat lives here. Mebbe dat is why is not nice big dawg. So mom telled me "Buddy, I am going to take your cone off. You can stay that way as long as you don't scratch but the second you even THINK about your eye-spot it's goin' back on!". YAY!! I gots to taked it off!! I din't reelize but da cone was messin wif my direkshiun cuz I cud not tell where da smells and sound was comin from. Wifout da cone I din't play peeng pong dawg down da hallways no more, I knows exactly where to goes! I likes dis idea.

Maxim is still workin on da touch it trick. Tonight he done so gud wif da touch da book, so mom switched it up on hims. She ask him to touch .....da cone (echo "cone, cone cone"). He sed to her "What woman, are you NUTS? That's a cone! That thing is eeeeee-vil. Uh uh no way, crazy woman. Holy crap, that thing turns dogs into some wierd out-of-space evil creatures. Did you see what it did to little dawg??? Don't you realize when he has that thing on he is taken over by aliens? No way am I touching it. You can't make me. Nope. Nothing. Nadda. Not Goin' DoIt." Well, dey kind of like argued bit about it. As you can emajine mom won. Maxim touched it. He is still big dawg, not aylien dawg. And he got nommies, even after da argue. Mom sed he is gud dawg for touchin' cone dat is mine. I hope she still think he is gud dawg after I convince him to chewes it up so I doesn't has to putted it back on.

I gots to play wif new toy tonite! Mom gotted me a kong for seenyour dawgs. I is not seenyour dawg, I is only 8. But she sed dat is seenyour so I guess mebbe I is. Does dat meens I git fancy discount? Da hyomans dat is seenyour gets da fancy discount. Dat would be gud, cuz I is expensive dawg, Gman telled me so.

Dis kong is smells like chiken, and has treet stuck inside. Dunno why da treet stucked inside, what a terribul place! Wud be much better in my tummy. I tried reel hards to git treet in my tummy where it wud be safe - but only got little bit. Dis is a pretty cool toy. I is so happy dat mom gotted it for me. I can't plays long, cuz I doesn't have all da energee back yet, and da energizer bunny has not visited me yet. Mom sed is like Santa Claws - I is on da gud list and he wud come visit but has lots of gud dawgs to see so I must be pashient. She sed takes long time to charge dawg batteries. When I has recharged batteries I wud git dat treat out - is gonna be awesome! Ok, me and big dawg are gonna mebbe play now, if he is interested.

Kisses & snuggles - Buddy Dawg
ssshhhh....don't tell V.E.T. Cone is off!


  1. Hey Buddy- I saw your comment over on Honey's blog so wanted to come by and meet you. I have no advice on how to make your brother remember that you are gud dawg though 8-(
    Have you seen the Bumpass Hounds blog? They have a blind puppy named Radar so thought you might like to meet him. Once I saw him tackle the stair monster like it was nothin!
    Moose + Dana
    Here is one post about Radar stair monster at the end of the video):

  2. Yea! Buddy dog, you get to play it forward. Have your mom send me your snail mail address at pinkdaisydog at gmail dot com so you can get your package! Wea re glad the cone if off for a little while. Hey I am sure that big dog wil gt used to your new ways, he is just nervous.

  3. Buddy, yay for that cone coming off early! I would be confused too if I saw the big scary cone. I hope your brother is nice to you now. But I wouldn't let him eat your cone... then your mom might keep him in boot camp even longer!
    Glad you're feeling better and not scratching your eye spot!
    - Bentley, the Secondhand Scottie

  4. Kongs wif da treats if good Kongs! Yesh, you might not want to be a senior but there are some perks that come along wif it, so milk them fur all they is worth☺

    Domi, the therapy dog, has passed to the Bridge this weekend. Our blog contains her last letter to her friends. Please come to visit. It would mean so much to our momma and then go to Domi's blog to offer condolences. Momma is crying a lot today.

  5. Hi Buddy,

    Thanks so much for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! I am so happy you commented coz I did not know that you were reading my blog at all! (I wish more doggies weren't so shy about commenting coz otherwise I just have no idea they are visiting!) Anyway, I just want to say that I really appreciate it. And I admire you for your confidence & courage with just one eye. I think you are very special! :-)

    I hope your big brother remembers who you are again soon - I can imagine how the smell of the Vet and that weird cone (not to mention the funny way you were walking) could freak him out.

    What is so different about a senior Kong? Is it softer? I laughed so much at your words about how the treats should be in your tummy, not in the Kong!:-)

    Honey the Great Dane