Friday, September 18, 2009

Don't be a tease!

Today I foiled da stair monster! He moved da stairs so dey was right in my way. He is not gud monster and dos dat lots to me. Mom sed da stairs never does move, dat I is just scaredy cat. But I knowed dat is not da truth. Cuz I is not a kitty cat, dey is mean and slaps at dawgies, and dey is way bigger den me too. I is gud dawg, I doesn't meowed, I woofs!

Mom was playing da find it game. She puts nommies all over da floor and I has to use my sniffer to finds dem. Dis is to helped me get confidanse back. I was sniffing and sniffing and den *BAM*! Da stair monster putted da stairs rite in my way. I falled down one stair but I was gud dawg and didn't get scared. I just gotted my balanse and comed back up da stair to find more nommies. Da stair monster is not as fast as me and he din't eatted my toes or nuthin. Mom was so proud of me she clapped her hands and made luvey noises. I did happy dance cuz she made me feel so gud. ::butt wiggle:: ::butt wiggle::

It's ofishal, we haf da Mice in our car spot. Da hyomans sed dat my blood shud has mice hunting powers in it, so we doesn't need no mice traps. But da V.E.T. taked my blood not that long ago and sed not one thing about powers. I doesn't cares about no stinkin mice. So, dey buy da traps. Dis means dat i can't do my Dora Explorer impreshiuns in da car spot no mores. Since Gman is hunting da mice mebbe he has da speshiul powers? We shud ask V.E.T. to checked his bloods for it.

Tomorrow is surjery. Mom is scared bout it. I is cuddle her lots so she knowed I is brave dawg. I is so exsited to not has pain no mores, and mom boughted book to helped her train me gud. I say smooth sayling from here. Don't tell mom, cuz I is being strong for her - but I is scared too. I doesn't want no more surjery after dis. So i will try very hard to be helthee dawg.

Dis is me tellling cuzin Jazz to stop da teasin'. Is not nice!

My cuzin Jazz telled me dat dey wud put marbell in my eye spot so dat it is not hurting me wen dey taked my eye out. I don't want no marbell cuz dat is a toy and wut if someone wants to play wif da toy? Den dey mite take it away. Mom sed it is something called "prahs-theeesiz" dat will go in der, not a toy marbell. So dat is good. We will see who shud be rite, hope its my mom! Jazz liked to teese me, so I is hopin dat is what she did. I wonder if my uder one is a marbell or a prahsthesiz? If it is marbell, I hopes it is blue - dat is my favoryt color!

Kisses and snuggles-Buddy Dawg
1 day til surjery


  1. Buddy Dawg,
    I am very glad you are showing the stair monster who is boss! Keep it up and he will be scared of you soon :-)
    Mom and I (and all of the other people and animals in the house) are sending you lots of thoughts and prayers and tail wags for your surgery!
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  2. We are crossing paws and wagging tails fur you's to have some good surgery. Our momma is goin' ta say some PURRayers, too. Momma wants you to know that long ago she had a blind dog, Prince, who did mighty fine in the house and in our fenced yard. In fact, peoples had to be told Prince was blind because he could navigate all of the twists and turns in the house so goods.

    So you just take good care of yourself and have you's momma take good care of herself and all will be just fine.

    We are so happy that we found you here on the innernets!

  3. Good luck on your surgery, Buddy. Your cousins love you! Love, Sammie and Jay

  4. Good luck Buddy! You are such a strong and brave doggie. Your mommy is lucky to have you.

    Lots of love!
    Amanda and Daisy the Pointer