Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Great White Hunter.

Yesturdae I gots to go wif mom to dance studio! I had ta go see da V.E.T. in da morning cuz he wanted my bloods. I was tinkin mebbe mom was taken me to vampyr? Why do he wants my blood, dis V.E.T. is so very deemanding! He wants eberything I has - he needs to getted his own stuffs and leave me alone! So we goed to the V.E.T. and I was such a gud dawg, dey loves me der. I walked in all by myselfs and wasn't too scared of stair monsters, and I finded da door all by myself. Mom was so impressed! Mebbe I is so impressive dat dey stops takin' my stuffs. Don't dey knowed dat i am a little dawg? I dont' has much stuffs to shayr no more.

Den dey taked me in a room in da back and taked my bloods. Dey did not use der moufs so I knowed dey not a vampyr. Dey use a pokey stick. It hurted and I was cried some, but den I got nommies and cuddles so it was ok. My V.E.T. is not bad hyoman, he is very nice and he talks to mom lyke she is not crazee. Even though we all knowed she is a little nuts.

After dat stuff den mom and me went to dance studio. I meeted so many gud smelling lil hyomans! Dey smelly like cheetos and noodles and chips and .....hevin. Wen mom wud look da oder way dey wud sneaked me some of da hyoman nommies, I is thinkin mebbe she knowed about it though. I made a friend named Lena. She wud loved on me soft and didn't talked too loud and even introdewce herself before she petted me. She was not roode. I must gived her mommy some kisses when I seed her. Wait, I wud never seed her cuz I doesn't has no working eye. Mebbe I wud smelled her and knowed.....

Mom telled Gigi she was nurvos on how I would behayv wif little hyomans cuz I never was around dem wifout my seeing abilitee. I was such gud dawg! I did the ::butt wiggle:: ::butt wiggle:: and gived dem kisses and dey gived me kisses too. I gots tyred after a few hors tho, so my cuzin Mimi letted me naps on her lap. She has soft lap like Gman.

I lerned new game at da studio too! I named dis game "Dawg: Da Buggy Huntr". Der was dis horible sound lyke chainsaw and den something wud land on my back. So, I turned into miytee huntr like Crokodyle Man and I gotted dem buzzy thing. Mom sed dis is not hyoman game, only dawgy game. So if you is hyoman and you wants to play-don't tell mom or she wud think mebbe I is bad inflewens on you. Here is how you play da game:

1. Stayed very very still.
2. Listen for miytee monster who buzzes lyke chainsaw.
3. Wen it getted relly loud stand very still.
4. If you feeled something on da back or da ear, den you....whips your hed round fast and fast and snaps your jaws shut lyke mighty chomp mashine.

5. If you missed, den you start over. If you getted dem, you will feel crallies on you tunge-spits it out and stomps on it wif your miytee claws like grayt lion. Mom called it a "fly", but it din't fly no more. And da chainsaw sounds was done.

Dis is my favoryt new game!
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Countown: 3 days til surjery

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