Saturday, September 19, 2009


Da Big Dawg is protecting me.

I is home!! Da surjery was gud. Mom taked me to da V.E.T. and I falled for da nommies trick agin! I hope dat I lerned my lesson dis time, don't take no nommies from dem. So, of course after I eated da nommies I was sweepy. When I waked up my hed hurted lots. But I made new friend! Der was lady at da doctor dat has TFT dogs too! She do sometin called ajilitee wif dem. She was so happy to see another TFT dog dat she loved on me all day. She helped me not be scared and cried so much. I wud give her ::butt wiggle:: ::butt wiggle:: if I cud, but I doesn't feel so gud so I din't.

Last nite mom, Gman, and Maxim cuddled wif me all nite. Maxim is very worried Big Dawg - but I telled him I was ok. He stays beside me all da time to protects me from stair monsters until I feels better. Don't tell him I sed so, but he is very gud dawg!

I is not feeling so grate. I hates to be a cone-head, and den da drugs makes me dizzy. I hates da cone, is so hoomiliayting. I hopes da cats doesn't sees me, den dey wud reely teased me. Da dizzy is wierd, I don't knows why I is dizzy. I din't spins fast or nuthin, just happens after mom gives me nommie jerky dat Cookie made. (I loves da dawg jerky Cookie made, he is da best gifter ever!)

Also, so you NOT marbell in my hed. Is sillycown dat dey putted in my eye. Whew, so gud to here dat. Mom was rite! So cuzin Jazz was teasin me. She is not gud hyoman to teased me like dat!

So I is gonna takes a nap. I will writes more when I feels better, dat is all for today tho. Here is some pikshures of da eye surjery. You doesn't has to look if you is scared - just stops reeding now kay?



Dis is both da eyes. Is puffy, but dat is ok for now.

You can seed where dey taked my eye. Owie!
Kisses and Snuggles - Buddy Dawg


  1. Buddy Dawg,
    You are very brave! Mom and I both hope you have a very quick and easy recovery.
    About the cone-our cat Karma has to wear them alot! Her belly gets bald and Mom puts the cone on her. So if any kitties tease you, tell them about Karma and the cone!
    Hugs and Tail wags,

  2. Hey Buddy! You're still so handsome! I hope you feel better.
    Jason and Samantha

  3. We are very glad that your surgery went well Buddy dog! And that big dog takes good care of you.