Thursday, October 22, 2009

Circus Dog

Sorry iz been such long tiym since I did posted. Mom did getted so buzy dat I cud not borrowed her 'puter. I is bak now. I haz finded out dat mom tinks mebbe I is lemin dawg too, liyk Gman sed. I telled her to reeded my blog to see wut I tinks bout dem lemins but she sed dis is wut it is-deel wif it.

See, why she is changed her mind bout da lemin dawg is cuz wen she wuz petted me not dat long ago she finded one lumpy under my furs. Is soft lumpy and do not hurts me. She is gonna watched dis lumpy to see if mebbe is stress from da depressy stuff, and den she telled me I mite haz to go to V.E.T. to get it looked at. Mom sed I haz two choyses, I cud haz nufin and iz go away soon, or I cud haz fatty tumor dat do not meens kansur-meens I is old. She sed I cud not haz kansur, so git dat out my hed rite now. I agrees wif her. Is not kansur. 'Sides, if I cud chooze to go to V.E.T. or not to go - obveusly eny self respekted dawg chooze no tanks rite? 'Cept mebbe big dawg, him is not so smart and wud go cuz he wud chooze enyting dat is new and haz car riyd.

On gud note, I haz aksidentully lerned new trik. I does dis trik only for da nommies dat Daisy dawg did sended us, dem is majik nommies dat maked me a woooonnnndddeeerr-dawg!! Mom sed I haz to lern new wurd for dis trik - cuz I do it rite now wen she sed "Forward Buddy" too much wifout nommies. Dis is not at all wut she wants me to do, cuz if I be sirkus dawg wen she sed forward is deefeets purpose of lerned da english. I sed wutever mom, you laffs at me and gives me nommies. Mishun akomplished.

Heer is da vidyo of sirkus dawg trik. Is not gud vidyo, sorry! Mom sed to telled you dat big dawg gotted treet too for he did da sit so gud and stopped da run for da nommies, she just din't put on vidyo.

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg


  1. Oh - that is a great trick, Buddy! And I think Max really deserved his treat - you know, those kinds of tricks - just stopping and being calm - are really hard, even if they don't look fancy!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. hello buddy its dennis the vizsla dog hay gud trick!!! and dont wurry too mutch abowt yore lump trixie and tucker eetch hav wun and its just fatty toomers in them!!! ok bye

  3. That dancin thingy was shure a good trick. We can see where the circus would want to snap you up real quick. And good job to big dawg too. That stoppin thingy is really hard.

    Bobo and Meja

  4. We'll send good thoughts for a non-important just wanted some more character right?

    What an awesome trick! I does look like your kind of dancing. Very neat!!


  5. Hey wow good trick Buddy! I am glad you like thoe p-nut butter noommies! Don't worry about the lump, they are usually fatty tumors. But the VET is smart and will be able to tell you!