Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wut is goin on? Is only Oktobur, is tiym for da leeves to falled from trees. Dis is my favoryt cuz der is so many new smells and stuffs dat me and big dawg cud peed on. If you jus stands still, new stuffs will majikally appeer in fronts of you. But da wether man he did skipped da fall. Is snowing outsiyd. I doesn't liked da snow, wen you is little liyk me you gets lost in da snow and your hyoman has to finded you. I hopes dis one don't lasts too long!
Maxim tryed to attak da snows to make it goed away, but no matter how many he bited at - it just keeped comin down. He needs to praktise dis trik more and not so much on da ones mom does, dis is much more usefull if you asks me.
Dis is all for today, cuz I is still battle da depressys and mom sed me to go snuggled her insted of played on compooter. We is hoping dat tomorrow I wud have fun vidyo to showed you of my new triks wich is Forward and Left. Is getting much better, not perfect yet - but gud enuf dat I gets da nommies!

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg


  1. Buddy Dawg.
    UGH! Snow! ICK! I do NOT like snow. I do NOT like cold either. It is kind of funny, though, we have the opposite problem here. It is still like summer! Mom and I both love fall and are ready for cooler weather (but NOT cold).
    I am sorry you are still depressed. We are sending you lots of happy vibes. You are such a strong dog and I know you will get through this!
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  2. Dear Buddy Dawg,

    We don't like da snow too. We just comed from Florida last years and mommy saids da snow is gonna come again. Icky Poo.

    Hey maybe big dawg can help you get used to it.

    Gud luk.

    Bobo and Meja