Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mom is Definitely Not A Genius

So, mom spended lots of time wen I wuz baebe dawg techin me to has manners. One of dis manners was to sit pretty until I is gived da nommies. Never never tried to take da nommies from da hand, dat is not nice. But now she did switched da rooles, and I is konfuzed. Mom gotted a book to helped her teech me to be gud blind dawg. So, now she tinks dat she is jeenus or sometin' but reely she is just makin my hed spinned.

She holds da treet rite in fronts of my nose so dat I cud smelled da nommy gudness of da jerky dat Cookie made me, so I is tinkin ok cool! I gets nommies!! Den I does "Go Go Gatjit Buddy" and stretches my neck to get dis jerky. Well, mom don't gives me it. She goes more far away and sayed "Forward Buddy". So wut is a gud dawg to do? Wen I had da eyes I wuz s'pose to sit pretty and waited until she gives it to me. Now, I tink mebbe I has it figyered out. I is s'pose to stretches longer to getted da treet. But she just keeps movin it away. So I does ::butt scoot:: ::butt scoot:: to get better angul at nommies-but I stay sittin' liyk gud dawg. I tink mebbe she wanted me to walk some to da treet cuz she sed "Forward Buddy, get off your butt and walk some." But dat is not wut gud dawg does, cuz gud dawg does not snatched da nommies from da hyoman.

So, mom sed we is at road block. I tink it is becuz she wants me to be bad dawg to get da nommies. I sed to mom, why did I spend so much baeybe time lerning all dis manners if now I doesn't has to used dem?? Woman, you are makin' me cuh-razy. So, we is gonna has to figyur dis out soon, I is tinkin. Mom seemed little frustrayty, but I knowed dat she is not frustrayty at me. She is frustrayty wif her for not speekin' gud dawg langwage to maked me knowed wut she wants. So I gived her Buddy kisses, and I tinks dat helped.

After we hitted dis road block and cud not do no more - mom treeted me to a walk. Dis was a walk outsiyd on da leesh. At first it was kinna skeery. Der was so many smell dat I cud not rekognize, and den da siydwalk wud goed up and down and sometyme I wud falled off. But after a lil while - I decide dat even as blind dawg, walks are still da bestest ever. I did ::butt wiggle:: ::butt wiggle:: to letted mom knowed how much I was sayin tanks for da walk. And she letted me goed sooper slow so I cud sniffed all da gud sniffy stuff.

Now, I is exhawsted. Maxim da Big Dawg is being annoying cuz mom maded him new toy - so I is gonna finds my blue blankie and taked a nap.

Kisses & snuggles-Buddy Dawg


  1. Sweetie, you will learn after a while that your momma is your "seeing eye human". Our momma was one of those once and she thought it was the bestest job in the whole world.

    One thing your momma might want to teach you is a good sit/curb command. That way, with those two words, you will learn that you are to stop at the curb and then feel down because there will be a step. Also, up is a good command for going up curbs and steps.

    We ♥ you furry mucho.

  2. Oh Buddy - be patient with your human! I think she is teaching you a good thing - this way you will know when you can move forward safely and she can help you move around more. Please tell her not to be frustrated - I'm sure with a bit more repetition and practice, you will get it!

    By the way, we asked my trainer, Flip, about your question of your big brother zooming past you on the stairs and knocking you off...he said it is possible to teach him to walk past you nicely but it will be a challenge for your humans. They need to set it up and have him on a leash (and you halfway up the stairs) and then let him walk up or down and as he passes you, if he is too rough - they need to say "NO!" and interrupt him (eg, with voice/little tug on leash/noise - whatever works for him) so that he slows down/pauses and then (MOST important) - they just praise him LOTS as soon as he does this. Also, if he just walks carefully past you by himself, they should praise him loads and give him treats. This way he learns to be careful and gentel when he is passing you. Also, Flip said he needs to practise this in other places with you - ie. they should teach him to NEVER rush past you wherever you are but to always be careful around you. It is easier if they practise this with you in lots of different places, not just the stairs, so that Maxim learns the rule is that in general, he must just move carefully and slowly around you. The key is setting it up and practising it lots and consistent repetition. (if you have anymore questions or if we did not answer that properly, feel free to ask and we will ask Flip again!) Good luck!

    Honey the Great Dane