Sunday, October 11, 2009

Learning New Languages

I haz new fayvorit ting. Wen I was seeing dawg i sleeped by mom & Gman's feets & I keeped dem warm all nite. I protekted dem feets from all da monsters up hi, and da big dawg protekted dem from all da floor monsters. Maxim Dawg still haz to sleeped on da floor, but now dat I doesn't has eyes I haz fownd bettur spot to sleeped at. Dis is rite on mom's pilloh. I tucks my fayce under her fayce so dat I cud feeled her breeth all nite long. Dis makes me not ankshus and I cud sleeped da hole nite liyk dis way, cuz I knowed where mom is and dat she is protekting me. Mom sed is not komfurtabul even lil bit, dat she gits Buddy hairs in her mouf and I is suffocayting her sometyms. Gman sed I hogs da bed more den my 6 lbs shud be allowed. But dey lets me does it aneeway, cuz rite now I needs to be not ankshus. Man, dis gettin' wut you wants gig is reely workin out for me!!

Mom sed I is reely gud at knowed where to goes now. I desiyd dat mebbe cats are smart abowt wiskurs. So I uses my wiskurs liyk cat does. I walk wif my nose kinda up hi, den wen my wiskurs feels sometin, I slowed down and sniffs harder. I doesn't play ping-pong-Buddy down da house so much aneemor. Dat is reely gud, cuz ping-pong-Buddy is not fun game! Even if da big dawg laffs....wich I mite add is roode, he shud not laffs at me!

I has vidyo to show you! Is not sooper eksiyting, cuz I doesn't dance liyk smart Honey Dawg-and I doesn't fite chikens liyk brayv Dennis Dawg. But, I does knowed walking triks! Now, I has been walking since I was baebe dawg, so why wud I need triks for dis? Well, mom sed she wud helped me see stuff so I knowed where to goes and not gits hurt in new sichewashuns. But for her to helped me dis way, I has to knowed english langwage. So mostly, I is not lerning to walks-I is lerning english!!


  1. hello buddy dawg its dennis the vizsla dog hay those ar gud triks i espeshly like the army krawl!!! and as for me fiting chikkins ummm yes it wuz a hyoodj hyoodj fite and did not at all involv us running away like fritened puppeez!!! ok bye

  2. We thinks you are a genius Buddy Dawg. k bye.

    Bobo and Meja

  3. Buddy! That wuz a good army krawl. Is you plannin to join up?? If you is then it is good that you is praktising yer left and rite moves too so you kin march in formashuns.

    Yer pal Dozer