Friday, October 23, 2009

She's on to me...

Dis is gud gud day for da Buddy dawg. I haz not eated so gud sins da surjery, part of my depressys is dat it maked me haz no aputiyt. Mom wish dat she cud take dis simptum for her to haz cuz sownds liyk gud diyet for hyoman. Iz not gud diyet for little dawg tho. I haz aputiyt for hyoman nommies, and cud eated dis all da tiym. Dis trik did worked for long tiym, and mom feeled so bad for me not eating so much dat she wud gived me speshul hyoman nommies so I did stay strong boy. But she finully did figyur out dat I was triking her. Reely tho, if you cud eated kibbuls all da days-or eated da buffay liyk Tucker dawg do-you wud want buffay too! I waz jus sneeky in getted it from mom.
She telled me a few days ago dat I had choyses-I cud be hungery or I cud eated kibbles. No more hyoman nommies and treeted liyk baeybe dawg. For wiyl I did not beleeved her and wud not eated da kibbles. Still no hyoman nommies. I telled mom dat she wuz torchering me, to pllleeeeeeeze give da hyoman nommies. Nufin-she is one tuff kookee! Next day I did pafetic fays and sed to mom "oooh poor lil dawg, he haz no foodstuffs in his belleee. Him haz no eyes so dat meens speshul treets. Look at him be so pityfull." All she wud do is putted me in front of my kibbles and maked dem jinggly so I knowed wut was der. So, I gived up and eated dem kibbles. I do not haz so strong of da will liyk mom haz. Dis must be why she is da mom and I is da little dawg.
I haz been eated da kibbles for one tiym a day, but dis day waz furst tiym I did eated dem two tiym. Dey is not so gud as da chiyneez food dat mom eated, but dey was ok. Now I is lownging on mom's lap cuz she smell liyk da chiyneez foods. If I can't eats it I must sniffed it for long tiym. :::sniff. sniff. sniffsniff....sniffsniffsniffsniff. Sneeze! sniff. sniff:::
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg


  1. hello buddy dawg its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo wil be better off with the kibbel insted of the chineez fud becuz as i understand it after eeting chineez fud yoo ar hungry agin in five minnits!!! ok bye

  2. You are a very gud exceptionally gud dawg Buddy Dawg. Eat da kibbles so you'll have yer strenghth for when the Big Dawg wants to play agin.

    Bobo and Meja