Thursday, October 29, 2009

There is a new monster

So da snowed stuffs just keeped comin down. We gotted so much snows dat mom had to shovel me spot to be gud dawg and go owtsiyd to potty cuz it wuz hi as da big dawg's showldurs. I haz deciyd dat dis is not vunillah ise kreem wut Dennis da veezulah dawg tinks it iz. Iz akshully da sniffy monster. Da sniffy monster is very cold, haz wepun wut is snows, and do not be niyc to little blindy dawg. If you duz not beleev dat dis wepun is terribul den you must see dis:

Now dat I haz no more eyes I uses my sniffer lots to getted me wer I wants to be at. Owtsiyd is most important. I haz very strikt rowt dat i walks to go do da bizuness. Owt da door 5 paces, sharp rite den 8 paces, mark ovur wer big dawg pee at. Den go left little bit and do big job. Den sniff any stuffs dat is gud and leev some pee mayl for bad kitty wut do teez da big dawg (we iz in kahoots to mayk big dawg krazee, is working mebbe). Wen dis is done I use sniffer and finds mom agin to go back to da howse.

Well, now dat da sniffy monster iz visit he did hiyd all my smell dat I use to find mom. So I gets lost and end up in so meny weerd playses. Dis is not okay for little dawg cuz snows iz very cold and iz maked me mizerabul. Sometiym iz so deep dat my hed is hided under da snows. I is gotta find some way to git dis sniffy monster owt of my yard, cuz him iz no funs at all. Dat is all for today cuz dis dawg do needs to warmed up wif cuddles from da mom and Gman.

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg


  1. Awww Buddy Dawg we don't like the snoes too. And we've got all our eyes tweu,,thre,feur.. all our eyes too....

  2. Our little dachshund had all sorts of trouble with snow too, Buddy, it's not just you!

  3. awww buddy! I can imagine that is scary. Moose would love it though so maybe you could move to florida and moose could move wherever you live! Probably not. Hope the sniffy monster leaves soon and you can find your smells again!

  4. Frosty paws!!! ITS VERY YUMMY! It looks like the frosty paws clouds snowed on you?