Sunday, October 4, 2009

Holy Cow. Heaven in My Mouth.

I has found da most amazying ting in da wurld. Dis is a hyoman nommy dat is named kant-a-lope. Well, it has can't in da name so I was tinkin mebbe I's not s'pose to eated it. But den it falled on da floor and I knowed it had to be mine. I putted on my zoomy zoomy and raced to da spot wer it did falled. I was faster den da mom, even wif her two eyes. I gotted it and snached it rite up into my mouf and da flayvor wuz liyk hevin. I din't reely git chanse to chewed it, cuz if I taked my tiym I knowed dat mom wud try to git it back. So, like seel eating fish I did ::gulp:: and down da hatch it goed. ZOMG dis is bestest nommy ever. Fergit da kibble, is not gud enuf for me now. I is striktly kant-a-lope dawgy from now on. to konvinse da hyomans of dis??

More please :)

At first wen I grabbed da kant-a-lope mom kinda was scared. She din't know if I cud have dis foody or if it wud maked me sick. But she sed is ok, I can has dis kind. And, cuz she sawed how much I loved it. She sed sometymes she wud use dis treat to trained me - so dat I cud getted more. Mebbe know I cud chewed it lil bit and sayvor da flayvor. I bet if she gived me dis nommy I wud do "Forward" liyk champyon. We will seed tomorrow!!

Kisses & Snuggles - Buddy Dawg


  1. That cantalope sounds tasty! I'm going to have to see if I can sneak some from my mom. Thanks for telling us about it.

    Oh and good job on getting to it so fast! Who needs eyes when you've got a good nose.

  2. hello buddy its dennis the vizsla dog hay it sownds yummy but why cant it alope??? all it has to do it lower a rope frum its window and meet romeo owt in the yard and then tayk off for vegas budda bing budda boom rite??? ok bye

  3. Buddy dood got a story to tell ya. My sister, Meja, goes on hunger strikes when she doesn't get da nommies she wants.

    It neber works fer her but you might give it a try.