Thursday, October 1, 2009

Independence is Over-rated

So I din't knowed dis but der is akshully TWO stair monsters. One dat gits you on da way ups, and one dat gits you da way downs. Da way ups one is da strongest of dem and he is so skary dat I doesn't goed neer hims anymore. But, I Buddy da Grayt Whiyt Huntr has banish da down stair monster to Catdom. Sory to all da cats dat mite reeded dis, but you has da claus - you shud be fine.

Mom tink dat mebbe wen I did stairs wif Gman home it was just cuz he forgetted me for so long in da office dat I was force to maked my presenz knowed. Well, dat and cuz mebbe I wud git hyoman nommies (still bitter).

So she was sneeky wif me. She putted me upstairs, den went and filled my food bowl wif kibbles, and din't come back to gets me. I cried lil bit and did my eyes so pittyful but she din't fall for nufin. So I had to goed down, I did it like dogs dat has eyes-dat how gud I am. Here is video of my grayt defeet of da monster.

Dis vidyo may seemed like nufin much, but dis is hyug step for me to be tuff dawg dat don't needs mom all da time. I is workin on somfin called indipendans. No idea wut dat word meens, but I haf a feelin I wud like about da same as growin da karakture, wich is not dat much.

Now let's tak about how mom keeps sayin "look" in da vidyo. Reely mom? Look at my fays. Look, do you see dem peepers? Nope, you see dem eye-spots. I don't has peepers so I doesn't look at nufin, woman!! I smells, and I feels, and I heers you. I tink you needs to konsidur revyzing da langwage wif me.

Kisses & snuggles - Buddy Dawg


  1. Great job Buddy! You went down those stairs like a pro!

  2. Oh Buddy!!! I nearly cried when I watched your video - you are so wonderful and so brave and so impressive - I am so proud of you!! I have only just started following your blog so I haven't had time to read your back posts on your story yet but I didn't realise you don't have BOTH your eyes! I think you are doing so amazing. And your human too for being so encouraging in the right way - like not mollycoddling and over-reassuring you but at the same time, supporting you to learn new ways to do things.

    Also, my human wants to say that she is very sorry she hasn't had a chance to answer yet about your stair problem with Maxim but she asked our trainer, Flip, his advice about it today and she will try to email your human about it this weekend!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Great Job Buddy!!! You are soon going to be very independant!!!I hope your eye spots are feeling better!

  4. That is amazing and wonderful! Good job, Buddy!! Thanks for sharing.