Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy trumps, every time.

So, I haz wut mom calls springed in my steps. Dis don't maked so much sense to me cuz I doesn't has no springs, I has legs and dat is it. But she sed I haz it. I waked up dis morning and thinked, "wow-I is thurstee". So I went and gotted a drink. Den, befor no one cud sed nuthin I zoomed down da stayrs. I wented so fast mom sed I wuz almost invizabul. If I wuz invisabul I cud have mayd it all da way to da kichin for da hyoman nommies, but I wuz not - so I only did maked it to da cowch.

Den me and da big dawg wented owtsiyd to played. We played my favoryt game, dis is called "I peed last, neener neener". Dis is boy dawg bestest thing to do owtsiyd. So, Maxim gotted to goed first and he got da fense. I did not seed him goed (obveusly), but I heered and sniffed it. So I zoomed over (ok, I walked, but it wuz fast!) and goed too-only I din't see da fens so I goed on da leeves. I wuz so prowd I walked away wif hed high! Den wut do I heer?? Big Dawg did it agin. So I zoomed over and did it too. Well, sinse him is so much biggur den me dis gaym can't be abowt kwantitee, so we plays wif just whoever goed last winned. But wuz sad cuz mom din't let us go til der was winner. She maked us come in house - so we has game on paws, eberywon knows dat i will winned tho. I is bestest at dis game cuz my sniffer is in hi geer from being blindy.
Hey, wut is dis?

I dunno, sniff is gud. I is gonna biyt it!

Mom did also getted us new treets. Dis is da new bones. Miyn is piggy skin wif duck skins wrapped arownd of it. Is not helthy treet, but wen you is sick den helthy is not so big deel as happy. 'Sides, be honest - does you eeted da chokolat for da helthy? How about wen you drinks da alkohols? See?! Happy trumped da helthy. At leest dis is wut mom keeped telling to herself wen she gived it to me.

ZOMG!!! Must shuv whole fayc insiyd dis rite now. Nom Nom Nom!!

Mom, cud I sleeped wif miyn tonite?

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg


  1. Buddy Dawg,
    YAYAYAY!! Mom and I are so happy you are feeling happy today! I'm sure you will win the game too. I'm glad you liked the special treat your Mom got you!
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  2. Yay! Glad you're feeling good Buddy! I think my dogs (Mel and Molly) are totally jealous of your new treats too.

  3. Oh yay!!!! This good news brought a tear to my eye! Such a big switch! I knew you could do it! Ok, what do I know about this kind of thing? So maybe I didn't know know but I knew! ;-) as for treats, sometimes happy can make healthy and we don't think that sounds not healthy, just a sometimes treat! To me unhealthy are the treats with all the stuff that are not meant to be in a doggie diet like glycerin and such but animal skin seems like it belongs in a doggie tummy! Anyways, we are overjoyed to hear you have springs in your step!

  4. Of course I eat chocolate because it's healthy. Mmmmm, yummy antioxidants ... ;-)

    Glad you have got that spring in your step!

  5. Oh Buddy - am so happy to hear that you're feeling better! I knew it would just take a bit of time and your human has been so amazing and understanding and so helpful to you - you are so lucky to have her - but I'll bet you'll soon be zooming around, being TWICE the dog of everyone else, even if you are 'blindy'!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. I agree with you - happy is more important than healthy sometimes!

  6. Way to go Buddy! That's an interesting game you boy dogs play and I have no doubt that you are the winner! Stay Springy!! :o)

  7. Yay Buddy! I'm glad you're feeling better. I've never heard of that game you and Maxim play. I guess it's 'cause I have a sister.

  8. Hey Buddy I LOVE that game too!! Star duz not git it cause she is a gurl dawg but I play it with her ennyways and she always LOOSES cause she is a LOOSER hahaha!!

    Yer pal Dozer

    PS Those is sum yummy lookin treets you got there.

  9. Well it sounds like you are starting to feel better, so you must dress up in a silly costume so we can all have a good fun time! Tell maxim he should join in the fun too :)