Monday, October 5, 2009

The Crate Escape

Today V.E.T. gived me cleen bill of helth! He sed I is doing grayt and dat I is gud waiyt rite now and eberyting. Only bad on me is da teef. But mom sed she is too skared dat i wud git depressy if I has to has more stuffs dun to me wifout my permishun. So we is gonna kleened my teef later. Dat meens dat I doesn't has to go back to dem for a long time ::butt wiggle:: ::butt wiggle::.

Da V.E.T. did telled me too dat he is surpriyzed how sweet I still is to him. Dat wif all da bad stuff dat happen in da past yer (3 majer surjery) and how dey always gives me shots and owies dat he tinks I has ekscuse to be little bit grumpy wif him. He don't knows my mom dat well apparently. Mom don't put up wif grumpy. We is told we has to be gud dawgs to hyomans, dat no matters wut da hyoman is helping and to letted dem do dat and den dey wud give us nommies for it. She is always rite too.

Today I wented to da studio agin wif mom so she cud teeched da dancing. I was in much better mood now dat my eye-spot din't hurted and I wasn't takin da chiken pills dat makes you dizzy. I spended lots of tiym meeting new little hyomans and even some big ones too! Little hyomans is so tiyring. Dey has all da kweshtuns all da time, and dey wants to petted me soo much, and den dey tink it so funny to throw ball cuz I doesn't see wer it goes. I had funs for long tiym, but wen I gotted too tiyred of being gud ambassahdur to disably dawgs, I found a sekrit hiyding spot. My fur-cuzins has a crayt at da studio. I hasn't been in crayt since I was baebe cuz I gotted to earned my indipendans. Well, dis crayt was perfect spot! I wuz not too prowd to goed in it and hiyd. No little hyomans cud seed me and so I take long nappy. Dis is hevin spot at studio I tinks.

Mom sed soshilizashun is very important now so dat I doesn't forgit wut is liyk to meeted new hyomans and new dawgs. I does so gud at it now, so mom doesn't want dat gud dawg skill to git rusty. I sed she shud just git some oil and wen it looks rusty, den just puted in some oil and is all better. She sed not da saym rusty at all....I sed, mom dis is why dawgs doesn't has so many wurds - gets too konfuzy!! So I is gonna goes to da studio once in a while for now on, to keep up my mad skillz of soshilizashun.

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg


  1. Oh Buddy - I think you are so amazing to cope with everytihng you do...really!! those human pups are trying even when you have 2 working eyes! Am glad that you're still such a friendly & sociable doggie - even to your vet! But my human is like yours - she drilled it into my head very early that being grumpy tp humans is NEVER acceptable!! ;-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Buddy you're so great to still love the v.e.t. I love my v.e.t., especially my new one because he just laughed when I jumped all around the office.

    I'm glad you found a nice napping place at the studio. It does look nice, though I still don't like my c.r.a.t.e.

    Thanks for keeping me updated on your progress, I keep you in my thoughts everyday and hope that things continue to improve.

    I think you're braver than some of the big dogs I know!