Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What's in a Lapdog?

So, is true! Da kan't-a-lope is da bestest nommie in da world and makes me smartr too! Mom is letting me eatted it insted of nommies wen we works on my new tricks, and it made my brain be bigger I tinks. Today I figyur out dat "Buddy, Forward" reely meens dat I don't has to sit anymores. So I standed up and walks to da voice dat I heer. Den I gets kan't-a-lopes. (Couple tries I bited at treet before mom gived it to me. She sed I is luckee dat I can't seed da treet so missed her fingers. I have strong suspishun she is rite!) Holy, cow dis is awesome! All I has to do is walked to mom to get dis grayt nommy treet? Why does it taked me so long to lerned dis?

Wutever you do, don't tell da big dawg. He still don't knowed dis new and amayzing treet-gitter trick. So he has to do uder stuff like "Touch It, Stand Up, Sit Down, blah blah". His nommy is much harder to getted. But to be fayr, he has two eyes - and I has none. Tho, mom sed is no exkuse. I still has to do all on my own like uder dawgs, darn dat independanse ting. Is sooo over-rayted!

Mom is skayred dat I is getting lil depressy. My wurld is kinda skary now and so I doesn't try to do dat much. I doesn't played wif her no more. Not even wen she putted me under da blankit so I cud preetend to be da bad blankit monster and attaks all da stuffs outsiyd da blanky, dat use to be my favoryt one. She even gived me freezed kong wif da peenut butter, nanas, and go-gurt. I eated da peenut butter, and leaved da rest so I cud go layed on my blue blankie. Wut self respekting dawg leeves nommies, 'speshully in da frozed kong? So, now she is workin' hard to finded stuff dat i luvs so dat I can not be depressy and napped all da tiym on da blu blanky.

Problem is, I just wanna be lap dawg. I read on innernet dat der is lotsa dawgs dat all dey does is be lap dawgs, and dey is even bigger den me. Mom has uder plans tho, she sed I is terrier. Terrier is not lap dawg, terrier is dawg dat is krazy dawg. Sumone needs to konvins her I is not terrier, mebbe I is yeorky? cheewawa?? Or pooodul?? Dem is lap dawgs rite? Mebbe I is doburmin like Maxim da big dawg? He is most lap dawg I ever did meet. I is gonna go now and find kostume dat makes mom tink I is a dawg dat is allowd to be lap dawg. Den mebbe she wud let me just lye arouwnd all da tiym.

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg


  1. I hope you can find something to not make you so sad :( I don't like seeing my friends sad.

    Also, tell your mom that you're a lab. I think whoever said I was a lab got it wrong. I'm a lap, the kind of dog that cuddles all day.

  2. Does you's momma belong to any of the groups on the innernets that talk 'bout sightless doggies an' how their human 'beans help them adjust? We just bet dere would be lotsa' help dere.

    A terrier is feisty and has a grrrreat nosie, we just bet that in time things will get's betters. When humans lose dere sight sometimes it takes a while fur things ta get betters. We is PURRayin' fur you's an' huggin' an' kissin' you's from afar.

  3. Aww...Buddy - please don't be depressy! You're such an inspiration to the rest of us doggies. You might just need a little bit more time to get used to things but I'm sure you'll start to feel better soon. Maybe your human can take you outside for a little walk and I think maybe the fresh air and change of environment and smells and sounds outside might perk you up and make you more interested in your surroundings. She can have you on her lap outside - then that way maybe it's not so scary.

    honey the great Dane

  4. Hey Buddy. Thats ok to be a little depressed after your surgery. I was too. But I started to finally feel better and I got hurt again now I am depressed becuase I cannot go on walkies for a while. It will take some time but you will be back to yourself soon!