Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Look Buddy, I found a worm for ya! Wait, it's a stick. Nevermind, MINE!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keep a Close Eye On the Rug

So mom wented to da dance studio yesterday and leaved me at home. I was tinkin dis was grayt idea until she showed me where I had to stayed at.

I used to had da whole howse to myself and cud goes anywere dat I want. I had dis speshul privuhlig cuz I is sooper gud dawg and never goes potty in da house. I had to worked lots of yers to earned dis privuhlig. Now dat I has only eye-spots and no eyes I has to goed in da hyomna bafroom when dey leaved. I doesn't go potty in da house still, and has no aksident - even when I was eating da chiken pills dat makes you dizzy, dunno why I is getting punish. Mom sed is for my own gud. ::growly:: ::growly:: I doesn't lyked dis new rool so I letted her knowed. I cried lots and made my skwiril sownds but she doesn't saved me so der I stayed. I was still gud dawg so I didn't pottied anywere - but I was tinkin to mebbe go on her new rug, just to prooved my poynt.

I has some exciting news stuffs too. I, Buddy Dawg da grayt whiyt huntr has defeeted da stair monster. He is still skary and somtymes gits me, but yesterday I winned! Mom wuz at works and Gman was home wif me. He leaved me in da office spot upstairs so dat he cud go in da kitchen. If you is dawg den you knowed dat da kitchen is where all da hyoman foods falls on da floors and you get reely gud nommies dat you won't git if you isn't rite under da feets.

I wud not let such a grayt oppertoonity passed me by. I comed down da stairs wifout even tinkin bout it. Gman sed my tekneek were flawdless, I did so gud. Sad thing, I still did not get hyoman nommies so my efforts was waysted. If dat is how dey is gonna play, I will just make sure dat mom carries me from now on. I was so sad dat i din't git da hyoman nommies dat I wented outside and eat da grasses insted. Dat was pretty gud too, wud be better if der was wormies.

Kisses and snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Monday, September 28, 2009

5 Little Things

Princess da beeeeutiful pitty girl tagged me in a game to play. She sed it is 5 Little Things That Make Me Happy. I din't play da game rite away cuz I wasn't feelin dat gud when she tagged me. But now I is feelin like da king agin, so I is redy to play. Da Big Dawg wus not tagged but cuz we is workin on da shayring thing - he is gonna played too.

Dis is list for me:
1. I is soo happee when da gramma and grampa comes to visit. Dey gives me extra snuggles and hugs and is so fun.

2. My favorytist in da whole world is da blue blankee. I gets to takes it eberywere I goes and I doesn't has to shayr wif da big dawg if I doesn't wanna.

3. I loves to sniffs da yard. I is so happee if I can finds a wormy or spider to rolls on. Dat is doggee hevin!!

4. Mom sed no matters wut is important to stop and sniffs da flowers. Dis pikshure is wen I still had da eye, but eben wif no eyes I still luvs to sniff da flowers. Da ones dat leeve da yellow stuffs on yer nose is da best! Wen we goes campin' mom just letted me sniffs da flowers all da tyme and da big dawg goes swimmin. I gets da better deal.

5. Da big dawg and me both is thinking dat we is mostest happy when da cuzins come visit. We make dawgy piyl for nappy time and all get to cuddled!! (See, even in da dawgy piyl my blue blankee gets to come.)

Dis list is for Maxim:

1. Dis one we is shayring - him is same as me on #5.

2. Him has a favoryte and dat is snak time. If he gets treets for doin wut mom sed den he smiles big like dis one.

3. Him tinks dat fall is da best time of year cuz he gets to layed in da leeves and pee on lots of new things. He watches da whole neyborhud to make sure dat everyone has ekual oppertoonity to has pee in da yard. Mom doesn't be happy wif dis one, but is not about her.

4. Him is so happee when he gets to go to da hyking wif Gman. Dis is only for da big boys. I doesn't git to go and mom doesn't neether, so dey does big boy things. He comes home wif scratches sometymes but dat is ok he said, is totally worth it.

5. Him luvs storee tyme wif da cuzins. Dey reed him da buks and he lerns new stuffs. Dis was skary buk so he had to cuddle reel close.

Ok, now I is singin da song "Don't worry be happy" cuz dis list maded us both happy to rited it. I doesn't knowed dat many friends wif da bloggies, so I tags everyone who has not played dis game yet. Have funs!! We is gonna go outside now so I can find some wormies and da big dawg can pee on things.
Kisses and snuggles - Buddy Dawg

Friday, September 25, 2009

Waiting For The Energizer Bunny To Visit

Da Big Dawg sed boot camp is so exhawsting. Is so hard to be gud dawg and followed direkshiun all day long. Mom doesn't gived him rest from it. Mom sed he is doing gud tho and tryin reel hard to be lovey big brudder, and not a eatting me big brudder. Even Gman putted Maxim in da boot camp. I hopes I doesn't has to do da boot camps.

Today Gman had idea dat mebbe wif my smell like V.E.T. and surjery and den also havin da cone dat Maxim is confused if it is reely me or mebbe is new dawg dat lives here. Mebbe dat is why is not nice big dawg. So mom telled me "Buddy, I am going to take your cone off. You can stay that way as long as you don't scratch but the second you even THINK about your eye-spot it's goin' back on!". YAY!! I gots to taked it off!! I din't reelize but da cone was messin wif my direkshiun cuz I cud not tell where da smells and sound was comin from. Wifout da cone I din't play peeng pong dawg down da hallways no more, I knows exactly where to goes! I likes dis idea.

Maxim is still workin on da touch it trick. Tonight he done so gud wif da touch da book, so mom switched it up on hims. She ask him to touch .....da cone (echo "cone, cone cone"). He sed to her "What woman, are you NUTS? That's a cone! That thing is eeeeee-vil. Uh uh no way, crazy woman. Holy crap, that thing turns dogs into some wierd out-of-space evil creatures. Did you see what it did to little dawg??? Don't you realize when he has that thing on he is taken over by aliens? No way am I touching it. You can't make me. Nope. Nothing. Nadda. Not Goin' DoIt." Well, dey kind of like argued bit about it. As you can emajine mom won. Maxim touched it. He is still big dawg, not aylien dawg. And he got nommies, even after da argue. Mom sed he is gud dawg for touchin' cone dat is mine. I hope she still think he is gud dawg after I convince him to chewes it up so I doesn't has to putted it back on.

I gots to play wif new toy tonite! Mom gotted me a kong for seenyour dawgs. I is not seenyour dawg, I is only 8. But she sed dat is seenyour so I guess mebbe I is. Does dat meens I git fancy discount? Da hyomans dat is seenyour gets da fancy discount. Dat would be gud, cuz I is expensive dawg, Gman telled me so.

Dis kong is smells like chiken, and has treet stuck inside. Dunno why da treet stucked inside, what a terribul place! Wud be much better in my tummy. I tried reel hards to git treet in my tummy where it wud be safe - but only got little bit. Dis is a pretty cool toy. I is so happy dat mom gotted it for me. I can't plays long, cuz I doesn't have all da energee back yet, and da energizer bunny has not visited me yet. Mom sed is like Santa Claws - I is on da gud list and he wud come visit but has lots of gud dawgs to see so I must be pashient. She sed takes long time to charge dawg batteries. When I has recharged batteries I wud git dat treat out - is gonna be awesome! Ok, me and big dawg are gonna mebbe play now, if he is interested.

Kisses & snuggles - Buddy Dawg
ssshhhh....don't tell V.E.T. Cone is off!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's For Dinner?

Well, my brudder is having behavyorahl problems. Dat meens he is not beeing gud dawg. Mostly he don't likes me no more. I still likes him and wants to kiss and cuddle and sniffs - but when he sees me he goes ::growly:: ::growly:: ::snarl:: and he shows me his perly whiyt teefs. I doesn't see dem teefs cuz I doesn't has eyes, but mom sed he is showing me dem. I beliefs her, cuz I can smells his kibble breath. Mom is reely nervous bout him not liking me no mores, so he is in dawgy boot camp.

Boot camp meens dat da Big Dawg must goes enywhere mom goes, and does stuff like sit and lay down and show her da belly. All day he dos this stuff, he is not having gud time wif boot camps. Da only place he doesn't goes is kitchen, cuz big dawg is not 'llowed to go in dat one. Den mom sits on floor wif us and lets me go exploring cuz I is pretend like I am Gorj of Jungle and exploring wild places. Rite now exploring is my favoryte thing but only in da basement where no stair monsters lived at.

Mom, you really want me to do bootcamp? Can't I just eat him? Pleeeaaasseee!

Wen I is exploring mom petted Big Dawg and tells him what gud dawg he is. She has to reemynd him dat he loves da little dawg. If I is exploring by my brudder mom pets him mores and makes sure dat his mouf is not doing dat bad stuff.

In his boot camp he is gonna lerned new tricks too, just like me! Today he started lerning to "Touch It". Dis trick makes no sense to me, cuz why wud Big Dawg touch wif his paw? He shud just sticks it in his mouf, and if it is nommy den eats it - if it is yucky den spits it out. But mom sed dis is what he must do, so she must knows more den me bout dis stuff.

If you has any ideas about dis boot camp and how to makes my brudder not wants to eets me, mom wud loves some ideas. I doesn't wanna be dinner for no Maxim dawg, I wants to be friends. So I wud loves some ideas for her too. Mom sed it is prolly part of my fault too, cuz now dat I is blinds I can't see him talking wif his body talking langwage. Mebbe him tries to tell me nice and I is ignoring him so he tells me notty way. But since I can't lerned to sees him - mom sed he has to lerned to be nice all da times, even if I ignores his body talk. Dat is gud dat he has to lerns more stuff, cuz I has my plate full thankyouverymuch.

Here is to hopin dat I blogs tomorrow and does not be Big Dawg dinner before dat!!
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg
4 days til I is cone free!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I gotted to go to da dance studio agin yesterday. I loves da kids der but reely does hope dat mom doesn't maked me keep going to often. She sed I had to go cuz she was 'fraid I wud skratches my eye-spot and get an owie. She is rite, cuz it is itchin me like krazee.

At da studio I had a gud time for a while. Da kids do loved on me lots. One even telled me a story about how she has hyoman friend like me who has no eye-spots; and dat she lerned gud about how to do her house and all sorts of stuff, so I wud too. Mom thinks is sweet dat da little hyomans gets to lerned about disabilitees wif me der. But it is too tyring to be little dawg at studio, and I don't gets all my naps-so by da end of da nite sumwon has to be my baebysitter and carry me so i can naps. Can't be mom tho cuz she is dancing, and den I gets sad and squeeks little bit. I doesn't meen to squeeks, cuz I know quiet dawg is gud dawg. But sometimes dey sneek out when I is sad. Mom forgived me tho so dat is ok.

Well, da dredded day is here. I wuz ofishially busted at my "pretend to be to sad and do nufin but cuddle". Mom finally lerned dat I is not feeling so bad as she thinked so she made me started my training agin. It was not so bad cuz today we did fun stuffs dat I knows gud. We din't do nufin too hard cuz I still gets to takes it easy while I is on da chiken pills dat makes me dizzy. I did all my tricks gud except shake. I don't git why I shud shake when I can't sees da hand anyways. Can't you just petted me insted? So mom made me do dat one lots, cuz shake used to be my favorite. I finally had to tells her dat I can't see her stinkin hand. She can seed my paw tho, I say if she wants to shake- she can just grabs it for peets sake!!

We din't do too much cuz I still gets tired easy. When I gets too tired I lays down like sad dawg and shakes like leaf until mom sez ok she unnerstands and piks me up to putted me on blue blankie. I shud get patent on dis look, as I seem to get lots of gud stuffs wif it. I will call it "Eyes So Pittyful" cuz it started when I din't has no eyes, and I is lookin for pitty.

My favorite parts of having to do da tricks is dat when we is done we plays find it game. I loves find it game. Mom sed I cud put video of dis game for you to watch, she sed it is aful boring but I is just so proud of myself I had to shayr. But I agree, it is kind of boring, as I has to sniff lots before I find it. Mom sed it was rite in front of my face and I din't even no. Mebbe I shud exercize my sniffer too.

Dat is all for today.
Kisses & snuggles-Buddy Dawg
6 days til I is cone free!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sharing is Caring

Dis is me writing my blog!

Well, I is tryin' hard to figure dis stuffs out. I is feeling so much better wif dis surjery den da last one. I is rekovring much fastr mom sed. For a while I was on hungr stryke to prove to da hyomans what I tinks about all da stoopid surjery. So Gman buyed me a can of da dog food dat is wets so I cud not git deehidrayted. I cud smelled it from all over da house, and I cud not reezist. Mom sed it smells terribul but she must not have gud sniffer like me. It smells like hevin, so my hunger stryke has ended. I even lerned to eats my kibbles wif da cone, is annoying but I cud do it.

Mom has given me time off for gud behavyor. Dat meens I doesn't has to practice my blind dawg tricks rite now. She sed my only job is to rest and gets better. What she reely meens is my job is to cuddle and loves da hyomans. To show her how much I loves dis new job, I gived lots of ::butt wiggle:: today. I has to be very careful to not looks too happy tho, or she might tried to start training agin.
My brudder da big dawg is havin hard time wif me being sick. He don't knows what to do to helps me, so he tries to give me his favoritist bone. He almost hitted me in the owie-eye spot tho, so mom sed not to shayr. He has been very nice to lets me have so much atenshiun, and not complains about it. He just wants me to feel gud so he can start to steel my foods agin.

So heer is da only ishu I is having now. Da cone....da darn cone.....::growlly:: It gets me stuck in da wierdest places. I can't go nowheres cuz it stops me and makes my butt goes up in da air. Well, I has decided dat I is stronger den da cone. So when I gets stucked I pushes as hard as I can and pushes and pushes and den stuff goes my way. Either the thing dat has me stucked gets pushed out of da way, or mom comes and picks me up so I can get freed. I is so excited for da cone to go in da trash spot. I tink I shud has party on dat day to selabrayt.
Kisses and snuggles-Buddy Dawg
8 days til I is cone free!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Da Big Dawg is protecting me.

I is home!! Da surjery was gud. Mom taked me to da V.E.T. and I falled for da nommies trick agin! I hope dat I lerned my lesson dis time, don't take no nommies from dem. So, of course after I eated da nommies I was sweepy. When I waked up my hed hurted lots. But I made new friend! Der was lady at da doctor dat has TFT dogs too! She do sometin called ajilitee wif dem. She was so happy to see another TFT dog dat she loved on me all day. She helped me not be scared and cried so much. I wud give her ::butt wiggle:: ::butt wiggle:: if I cud, but I doesn't feel so gud so I din't.

Last nite mom, Gman, and Maxim cuddled wif me all nite. Maxim is very worried Big Dawg - but I telled him I was ok. He stays beside me all da time to protects me from stair monsters until I feels better. Don't tell him I sed so, but he is very gud dawg!

I is not feeling so grate. I hates to be a cone-head, and den da drugs makes me dizzy. I hates da cone, is so hoomiliayting. I hopes da cats doesn't sees me, den dey wud reely teased me. Da dizzy is wierd, I don't knows why I is dizzy. I din't spins fast or nuthin, just happens after mom gives me nommie jerky dat Cookie made. (I loves da dawg jerky Cookie made, he is da best gifter ever!)

Also, so you NOT marbell in my hed. Is sillycown dat dey putted in my eye. Whew, so gud to here dat. Mom was rite! So cuzin Jazz was teasin me. She is not gud hyoman to teased me like dat!

So I is gonna takes a nap. I will writes more when I feels better, dat is all for today tho. Here is some pikshures of da eye surjery. You doesn't has to look if you is scared - just stops reeding now kay?



Dis is both da eyes. Is puffy, but dat is ok for now.

You can seed where dey taked my eye. Owie!
Kisses and Snuggles - Buddy Dawg

Friday, September 18, 2009

Don't be a tease!

Today I foiled da stair monster! He moved da stairs so dey was right in my way. He is not gud monster and dos dat lots to me. Mom sed da stairs never does move, dat I is just scaredy cat. But I knowed dat is not da truth. Cuz I is not a kitty cat, dey is mean and slaps at dawgies, and dey is way bigger den me too. I is gud dawg, I doesn't meowed, I woofs!

Mom was playing da find it game. She puts nommies all over da floor and I has to use my sniffer to finds dem. Dis is to helped me get confidanse back. I was sniffing and sniffing and den *BAM*! Da stair monster putted da stairs rite in my way. I falled down one stair but I was gud dawg and didn't get scared. I just gotted my balanse and comed back up da stair to find more nommies. Da stair monster is not as fast as me and he din't eatted my toes or nuthin. Mom was so proud of me she clapped her hands and made luvey noises. I did happy dance cuz she made me feel so gud. ::butt wiggle:: ::butt wiggle::

It's ofishal, we haf da Mice in our car spot. Da hyomans sed dat my blood shud has mice hunting powers in it, so we doesn't need no mice traps. But da V.E.T. taked my blood not that long ago and sed not one thing about powers. I doesn't cares about no stinkin mice. So, dey buy da traps. Dis means dat i can't do my Dora Explorer impreshiuns in da car spot no mores. Since Gman is hunting da mice mebbe he has da speshiul powers? We shud ask V.E.T. to checked his bloods for it.

Tomorrow is surjery. Mom is scared bout it. I is cuddle her lots so she knowed I is brave dawg. I is so exsited to not has pain no mores, and mom boughted book to helped her train me gud. I say smooth sayling from here. Don't tell mom, cuz I is being strong for her - but I is scared too. I doesn't want no more surjery after dis. So i will try very hard to be helthee dawg.

Dis is me tellling cuzin Jazz to stop da teasin'. Is not nice!

My cuzin Jazz telled me dat dey wud put marbell in my eye spot so dat it is not hurting me wen dey taked my eye out. I don't want no marbell cuz dat is a toy and wut if someone wants to play wif da toy? Den dey mite take it away. Mom sed it is something called "prahs-theeesiz" dat will go in der, not a toy marbell. So dat is good. We will see who shud be rite, hope its my mom! Jazz liked to teese me, so I is hopin dat is what she did. I wonder if my uder one is a marbell or a prahsthesiz? If it is marbell, I hopes it is blue - dat is my favoryt color!

Kisses and snuggles-Buddy Dawg
1 day til surjery

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Maxim enjoys a beautiful day
2 days til surjery
Kisses & Snuggles - Buddy Dawg

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Great White Hunter.

Yesturdae I gots to go wif mom to dance studio! I had ta go see da V.E.T. in da morning cuz he wanted my bloods. I was tinkin mebbe mom was taken me to vampyr? Why do he wants my blood, dis V.E.T. is so very deemanding! He wants eberything I has - he needs to getted his own stuffs and leave me alone! So we goed to the V.E.T. and I was such a gud dawg, dey loves me der. I walked in all by myselfs and wasn't too scared of stair monsters, and I finded da door all by myself. Mom was so impressed! Mebbe I is so impressive dat dey stops takin' my stuffs. Don't dey knowed dat i am a little dawg? I dont' has much stuffs to shayr no more.

Den dey taked me in a room in da back and taked my bloods. Dey did not use der moufs so I knowed dey not a vampyr. Dey use a pokey stick. It hurted and I was cried some, but den I got nommies and cuddles so it was ok. My V.E.T. is not bad hyoman, he is very nice and he talks to mom lyke she is not crazee. Even though we all knowed she is a little nuts.

After dat stuff den mom and me went to dance studio. I meeted so many gud smelling lil hyomans! Dey smelly like cheetos and noodles and chips and .....hevin. Wen mom wud look da oder way dey wud sneaked me some of da hyoman nommies, I is thinkin mebbe she knowed about it though. I made a friend named Lena. She wud loved on me soft and didn't talked too loud and even introdewce herself before she petted me. She was not roode. I must gived her mommy some kisses when I seed her. Wait, I wud never seed her cuz I doesn't has no working eye. Mebbe I wud smelled her and knowed.....

Mom telled Gigi she was nurvos on how I would behayv wif little hyomans cuz I never was around dem wifout my seeing abilitee. I was such gud dawg! I did the ::butt wiggle:: ::butt wiggle:: and gived dem kisses and dey gived me kisses too. I gots tyred after a few hors tho, so my cuzin Mimi letted me naps on her lap. She has soft lap like Gman.

I lerned new game at da studio too! I named dis game "Dawg: Da Buggy Huntr". Der was dis horible sound lyke chainsaw and den something wud land on my back. So, I turned into miytee huntr like Crokodyle Man and I gotted dem buzzy thing. Mom sed dis is not hyoman game, only dawgy game. So if you is hyoman and you wants to play-don't tell mom or she wud think mebbe I is bad inflewens on you. Here is how you play da game:

1. Stayed very very still.
2. Listen for miytee monster who buzzes lyke chainsaw.
3. Wen it getted relly loud stand very still.
4. If you feeled something on da back or da ear, den you....whips your hed round fast and fast and snaps your jaws shut lyke mighty chomp mashine.

5. If you missed, den you start over. If you getted dem, you will feel crallies on you tunge-spits it out and stomps on it wif your miytee claws like grayt lion. Mom called it a "fly", but it din't fly no more. And da chainsaw sounds was done.

Dis is my favoryt new game!
Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Countown: 3 days til surjery

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mom, let me teach you a thing or two.

Da big bad stair monsters....has you herd of dem? I doesn't like dem at all. Mom sed dat der is no such thing and it is all in my hed. She better watch out! Day miyt prooves her wrong!

So I is tricking mom into tinkin' dat mebbe I forgets how to do stairs. (She is eazy to trik.) Den she does sometin or da oder. She a) carried me evryware. b)puts nommies all over da stairs.

When she doos "a" I is in heven cuz den I is baebe dawg and she talked sweet to me and puts me on da blue blankie. Her sounded so sweet so I ignores da words - cuz da words are dis "Dang it, little dog. You have GOT to figure this BLEEP out. You are much smarter than this. If you think I am gonna do this forever you are good and mistaken Mr. Buddy". Wut I heers her say is dis "blah blah blah LITTLE DOG. blah blah blah SMART. blah blah blah GOOD blah Mr. BUDDY." Sigh, she sed I is GUD DAWG ::butt wiggle:: ::butt wiggle::. (Just soes you know gud dawgs doesn't sed notty words, so I sed bleep insted - cuz I is a gud dawg)

I doesn't like it when she does "b", I is hoped dat she stopped tryin dat one veeerrryy soon. I tryed to cried lots and looked pittyfool, but she din't listens. I wonders if she seed me be's pittyfool? Mebbe she shud goes to V.E.T to gets her eye cheked too, cuz she din't do nuthin 'bout my pitiful look.

First time she did nommies on da stairs I sed "Go go gatjet Buddy Dawg" and strechd sooo long, den I got nommies off two stairs and I didn't has to climb. I is so smart. Mom catched on fast tho, so next time she din'ts let me strechd. So on my try for da next nommies, I went sooo slow for da one stair, got my nommies and turned around fast. I wented so fast I runned strayt into da stair monster, and he push me down. I falled on my tummy. Gman sed I is yellow belly. I look at me belly after I falls and it is not yellow, it is pink. So mebbe he has da eye ishu too?

So den I was done! I isn't doin dat no mores, not even for steaks. Den mom leaved me on da mayn floor and sed "Well, you are going to have to learn. If you want to cuddle you will come to me." She wented and sitted on da cowch and made stubborned sound like dis "Harumph". She did not doos ::butt wiggle:: ::butt wiggle:: so I knowed she wus not joked about dis. Ha, she don't knowed it, but I is way more stubberend den she is.
Ahhhh, da blu blankie

Cuz I wants to be gud dawg I was gonna goes to her like she sayd to- but den da floor turned into sooper scary sooper dangerous STAIR MONSTERVILLE!! Eberywhere I turns der is stair monsters who wants to bited my toes. So I frozened still liek a stachew dawg and hopes mebbe dey don't sees me. It works ..... ..... .....Mom comes and gots me evenchewally. I is so much smarter den mom is, she shud lets me teeched her some tricks.

Oh, and mom putted my picture in a contest it is called "Cutest Dog". mom sed if I wins I gets to do two tings. I gets to get real live trayner to teeched her how to helps me (told you she wuz not smart hyoman) and I gets to help uder blind dogs wifout familyes gets operashuns so dat dey can be gud dawgs and finds a mom as gud as mine is. I would apreshiayt it if you voted for me. You cud vote once a day so vote lots pretty pleeze!! Here is da info: VOTE FOR BUDDY

Kisses and snuggles-Buddy Dawg.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meet my hero!

Today was not so gud. My eye is buggin me more today and I is kinda depressy cuz it is hard to be a blind dawg. Everything is soo skeery! So, mom sed I gets to take a break from da blog today so i can rekoopurayt. Since I isn't saying nufin' too interesting today, I was thinkin mebbe you would wants to reed about my hero.....she is nuther blind dawg, and she has no eyes - like I am gonna has soon. Mom telled me her story and how strong she is, and it makes me thinkin' I can be strong boy when I has no eyes too. But mom also sed it's ok to be scared, so dat is what I is right now.

Anyway, here is Dulcea - she is my heeerrrrooooo.

I liked those parts.

I is gonna have an operashun in one week. Does you knowed what operashuns is? Is not for good dawg, is for bad dawg. But I is good dawg so I dunno why I gots to haf dem all da tyme. If you goes to da V.E.T. and dey tells you how coote you is and gives you nommies - DON'T EAT DA NOMMIES!! Hide under moms legs til she taked you home kay?

My first operashun I was a baebe dawg, I got ears scratches and nommies and kisses and all da fun stuff. Den da nommies made me sweepy. When I waked up, dey taked my boy parts!!! If you is a boy dawg you knowed dis is not acseptibul. I loved my boy parts, dey was my favorite parts. I asked mom why does da vet want my boy parts? Din't he has his own, mine isn't his size anyways. Mom sed it is sooper important dat all dawgies dat are pets has dis operashun so dat we don't kontributes to overpopulashun. I sed mebbe you shud do dis to only girl dawgs. Dey don't loves der girl parts dat much anyways.
I only has one boy parts left - I better waked up wif dat one still, or I wud be very mad dawg.

Cuz I is blind now, I gets lots more cuddles and kisses. Dat part is kool. I has pills dat tasted like chiken, and when I eats dem I gets kinda tired. So I naps wif my hyomans lots more now. Mom sed after operashun I gets to stop taking chiken pills and be crazy dawg agin if I wants. I likes dat idea. Dis is pikshure of my naps spot. Dat is my favoryt spot cuz it is heeted and smells good.

Ok well mom & Gman has a date. So dat is all for today.

Kisses and snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Pick Your Battles

So for da past cupple days mom has been teechin me direkshuns. Dis is so if I goes da wrong way she can sed "LEFT" and I wud switch to get bak on corse. Well we has ishues wif dis new trick. Akshully she has da ishues wif dis trick-I am smart dawg. Can you beleefs dat she is dance teecher and din't know dis one?

Mom puts da nommies in front of my sniffer, den she pulls to da side and sayd "LEFT, Buddy". I is a gud boy so I sniffs for da nommies. When my body moves enuf she gives me da nommies.
Sumtymes after she gifs me da nommies for being gud dawg I heered her say notty wurd and den sed, "That was his right". SO we starts all ober agin doin it da oder way, den I gets da treet agin. I tink mebbe before mom teeches me dis trick Gman shud put nommies in fronts of her nose and sed "LEFT, Mom" til she lerned her left and right. Cuz she confusez me. But I still gets lots of treets when mom do's it all of da diffrnt ways, so mebbe Gman shud not teeches her da way to do dis trick. Hmmm.

Anoder ishu is mom sed she has to find ways to teeched me wifout nommies. She sed I cannot be da fat dawg. She tryed to trick me and gives me my kibbles for nommies. I is sooper smart dawg & I knowed dat she had kibbles in front of my fayce, & I kudd'nt even see nuthin'. I sayd no way until she gives me nommies again. My brudder, Da Big Dawg, he is not so smart - mom sed she tricks him lots.

See-me and Big Dawg waits lyke gud boys for dem nommies.

Da Hyomans sed I has to do more eksersyze so I can stayed strong and all dat stuff. But I is too scayred to do dem, cuz da stair monsters get me wen I walks arownd, so mostly I sit by mom. No eksersyze plus lots of treets maked my mom tink i would be a fat dawg soon. Know wat I tink? I wud be still coote. I meen, hyomans like big rite? I herd da song "Badonkadonk" and I herd da song bout "Junk in da trunk", so hyomans wud lyke my junk in da trunk...mebbe. I herd Gman sed to mom "Pick Your Battles". I is tinkin dat dis one cud be da battle I picked dis yer. To be fat, or not to be fat-dat is da kweshtion.

Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wow, I is so tecknologikallee advanced!

Wow! I has a blog. Who wudda thunk it? Mom sed my first post hasta explain why i has a blog - so pepple doesn't tink she is da crayze won. Well, my named is Buddy. Gman (my hyoman man don't like to be called d.a.d.) gotted me for some present for my mom long times ago (almost ayt (8) yers).

I is a very good dawg, but Gman sed I is a lemin. Lemins look yellow and dunnit tasted good - so mebbe he is teasin-I is not yellow, and no one is eatted me. He is called me lemin lots lately cuz I is fallin apart. I has only one eye left in my hed to see the hyomans wif- da other one got taken away. Mom sed it was sick and I had to haf operashun. Now my oder eye be's sick too, so I is gonna get 'noder operashun. Den I has NO eyes. Sounds like meebe the operashun be's the lemin here. Who wantsa haf no eyes left?

So eneewaes, Mom sed to me I ned a shirt dat sayed "blind dog" so pepple who tinks i is so coote don'ts try to piks me up wifout asking me first. Dat is roode to not asked permishun. So I writed sum notes to my MeeMaw askin her for da new shirt. Lots of fambily reeded da notes, and tinks I is coote. (Well, Gigi sed I is ugly - but she loved me aneeway.) And MeeMaw sedded she wuld maykes me da shirt - so now I is doing a happee dance ::butt wiggle, but wiggle::

So my unka Bo sed I shud has a blog. Here it is! Well, dat is da troo storee of how I gots faymus. Mom sed before I go I shud tell all de pepple dat sometymes I am gotta shayr wif my brudder Maxim. She sed shayring is gud and growed karecture. I sed I is big enuf and karecture didn't sounded so grayt, but she is da boss - so look for hims sometymes too.

Ok, next tyme I is gonna tell 'bout how we is lerning "Left" and "Right" so I cud be a smart blind dawg. Gman was rite, mom didn't knows dem very good.
Kisses and snuggles-Buddy Dawg